Rasmus here!
Hey, what's going on? Who are you guys?

Hehe, just kidding. My name is Rasmus Ljunggren, and I am the creator behind Dwelvers. I really want to salute these two guys above for helping me setting up this forum, it will really help me keeping things organised.
I will be here posting updates and answering all your question about Dwelvers, and I will gladly discuss or take suggestions about the future development of Dwelvers Smile
We're your loyal Imps!

Hi Rasmus! Big Grin
It's a lovely Forum you've got here ;P
I agree. then again, that's why I joined up. that and the desire to contribute in whatever ways I can to your success in bringing a finished, bug free Dwelvers full of nothing but awesomeness.

Let's make it happen. Smile
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The Golden One!
I noticed that You joined after me and I didn't say hello to You, so welcome! Big Grin
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Yeah, that was when I changed the forum to myBB, it sort of reset my join date. But as you can see in these posts we are all older than you Tongue

Could you tell what you do on a normal day? I see you come online and offline multiple times a day at the forum. Are you programming while you are online or when offline at the forum? Do you have specific times when u reply to forum posts? etc.

Big Grin
Haha, well.. My days ain't normal, I can tell you that.. Before I started on the game I worked nights from 6pm to 6am for seven years, so therefore my day rhythm is totally upside down. So therefore I can't tell you when I'm going to be online and answering post next, because even I don't know Smile
Well, I usually have an eye on the forum during my waking hours, but often I choose not to answer directly because I'm working on the game and don't want to be too distracted (sorry Sad). But I do check it as often as I can and I try to answer within 12 hours, unless it is something urgent, then I answer as soon as I see it Smile
I don't know how the forum logs me to be honest, sometimes I have the forum site open and logged in even if I'm doing something else, I don't know if it still shows me as active even if don't do anything on the forum. So it can be a little bit tricky Tongue

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