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A key separator between Syndergaard and McCullers is that McCullers has eclipsed 128 innings just once in his career and has never reached 150 innings.

"With three guys over there on the right side and playing the shallow right field, second base type of deal, it definitely takes away my line drives and my hard-hit ground balls that would normally get through, now it’s [an] out. I feel like by adding the bunt, being able to use the middle of the field a little more will definitely take away that huge shift on the right side and ultimately give me more chances to get hits."

Why he's here: All we have as proof that Ohtani can handle being a two-way player in the major leagues is two months, dating back to the start of his rookie season in 2018. Since then he underwent Tommy John surgery, then struggled mightily as both a pitcher and a hitter during the COVID-19-shortened 2020 season. But the Angels are exceedingly optimistic about what Ohtani can bring in 2021.Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Design Face Coverings


There is little room for error with pitcher picks, which is why I will steer clear of the following nine hurlers at their current ADP.Kansas City Royals MLB Design Face Coverings

"We want to win a ring," White Sox starting pitcher Lucas Giolito said when camp started last month. "We want to win a World Series.New York Yankees MLB Design Face Coverings

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Jose Iglesias fielding: All spring long, the 31-year-old's wizardry has been on display with the Angels. He makes the impossible look routine. Even better, he's figured out how to hit as well.


Robles was flat out awful in 2020 and might be just a solid two- or three-win player going forward, but he has a wide base of skills and pedigree for more than that. In addition, upside/risk pitchers like Jackson Rutledge and Cade Cavalli aren't great options. Carter Kieboom is the other real candidate and is another pedigreed prospect who had a terrible 2020 season, whereas Robles at least had a solid 2019 he can build on.Baltimore Orioles MLB Design Face Coverings

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