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Watson has since been accused of sexual assault and harrassment by at least 16 women in a series of civil lawsuits filed in Houston. Their attorney Tony Buzbee claims 20 have been filed. Watson has denied the allegations and hired Rusty Hardin to defend him.Indianapolis Colts for Face Masks

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The league set a mid-March 2011 CBA deadline, threatening to lock out the players if a deal couldn't be reached. On March 11, inside the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building in Washington, owners presented a final proposal to players that cut deeply into their share of overall revenue but still increased players' salaries because league revenues had surged. However, in the view of most owners, the league was still handing the players too large a slice of the pie. "It was a very generous deal, which the owners didn't love," a league executive says. Jerry Richardson, the Carolina Panthers' owner at the time, offered to give the union time to debate the offer. The player representatives rejected it out of hand, with Smith in agreement, ensuring a lockout. "De wanted a percentage of the real pie, not a bigger percentage after the owners ate all they could," a union official says.

The Dallas Cowboys were reportedly considering several options at safety this week. The biggest name that stands out to fans is that of Malik Hooker. But he was not the only target.Jacksonville Jaguars for Face Masks

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Atlanta needs pieces everywhere for Dean Pees to be successful in the NFC South. Outside of Deion Jones, AJ Terrell and Grady Jarrett, everyone is replaceable in the new look. However, in a heavy quarterback class, picking a cornerback or linebacker at No. 4 has little value.

That following offseason, Powell was cut by the Lions and was picked up by the Atlanta Falcons, spending the entire 2019 season on their practice squad. Last season, with the Falcons, Powell had 12 catches for 69 yards and two touchdowns.

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"It’s certainly changed the roster building a lot," Belichick said of quarterbacks on rookie deals. "Teams that have had young quarterbacks that have been productive have been able to take those resources and put those into other positions on the team. Then once the quarterbacks hit their, let's call it, close-to-market-value-type contracts, then that process shifts a little bit in some way, whether it’s cap borrowing or just less spending on other positions because you reallocate it to the quarterback. Detroit Lions for Face Masks

"I think it's awesome. Forty-plus years of blood, sweat, tears and passion went into that," Jake Arians said. "People get tattoos with far less meaning or importance every day. For this to be his first is pretty badass."Cincinnati Bengals for Face Masks

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