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"I think he’s holding tight. The biggest things is the isolation part of it is really challenging for anybody. He’s by himself, and you’re away from the team, and I think the camaraderie of teammates and being around guys you’re playing with on a nightly basis and travelling with, and then you’re separated, it’s a lot," Donovan said. "It’s kind of like it all of a sudden comes to a stop.

After Graham knocked down an open 3 off a 4-on-1 Hornets fast break to push the lead to 20, Celtics coach Brad Stevens had seen enough and emptied his bench with 3:30 remaining.Phoenix Suns

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In college everyone is relatively the same age. But when I got drafted, I was 19 and had guys on my team like Al Horford who was like 30-32 years old with a wife and kids. It was weird how two people can be at two totally different places in their life but be on the same team. And also just the travel schedule. Celtics
The NBA Drawstring Bags

Other notable film credits: "The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear," "Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult," "In the Heat of the Night"

Dennis Schröder has helped keep the Los Angeles Lakers afloat with its two star players Anthony Davis and LeBron James missing significant time this spring due to injury.Atlanta Hawks

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The Sacramento Kings already had a tough path to making the NBA playoffs this year. Now their hopes of sneaking into the play-in games have been all but dashed.Toronto Raptors

Created by Lakers fans personal video clips around the globe, Pepsi and the Lakers are asking fans to show their hype by posting their video to social media and tagging #LakersFamily.

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