Proofreading Techniques to Spot More Errors in your Own Essays
Throughout the study period students have the necessity to submit many academic essays. Some of that essay will be related to student’s subject wise and others are beyond their ability. Therefore most of them are suffering with this problem. Usually descriptive type of works need more time than the regular subjects. Writing essays are very complicated when the proper language and grammatical uses are unknown. But now the problem is little manageable because of the online custom essay writing service and essay writing blog. But one must do a proofreading of every essay; your own as well bought from any essay writing blog.
The proofreading before submission gives the errors now exists in the essay as well as helps to correct it on time. It easy to proofread an essay that is not your own, that can be bought from any of the online custom essay writing service or from essay writing blog. But proofreading your own essay is notoriously difficult. Because you know the content very well and so you read just to end the essay.
By referring several online help and sing many essay writing blogs I got some proofreading techniques that usually used to spot error on self essay. That is listed below.
·         The first step is to check the grammatical and spelling wise error. It should make the essay 50 percentage fine. Because these are low level errors and ever not allowing errors for students and due to this type of error one can lose gradual marks.
·         Reading aloud. Read each and every word aloud by giving whole concentration to the every word. This can give the punctuation error as well sentence errors.
·         Proofread is not a rush job, do this as slowly as can. Because as much you slowdown that much you can able to spot errors.
·         Do at least three times of proofreading that can able to find out a tiny mistake in the present essay.
·         Don’t try to proofread when you are tired and also when you are not in mood, because those times you can’t able t spot the errors.
·         Sitting with somebody else who are clever than or better than you can give a proper instruction to proofread and help you to find the errors.
·         Look one type of problem one time. This is the most important element. Do not concentrate t spelling and grammatical error same time for single word. That can cause problem to the whole sentences. 
·          The heading subheading and the used images and also fore notes as well as the scientific names and technical names used in essay have greater importance according to the reader. So never forget to check that at least two times.
If you can’t do yourself then you can find the people who love to do that job. And also there are many online custom essay writing service and essay writing blogs gives free proofreading and editing services. If are interested then make use of them for your essay.
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