Good and bad things about Dungeon Keeper
(18-09-2013, 07:25 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: Couldn't it just be set so that the Imp would always pop out on the claimed territory, or have it not be instantaneous like it is now to build a wall but instead place a build object so the Imp can move out of the way?

The thing is that the player could have claimed territory on both sides of the wall that are being built. One way to solve this (and probably the direction I will go in) may be to have the buildingsite pointing in one direction, so that the imps only can build it from a certain tile and therefore don't have to move for the built wall..

(18-09-2013, 08:11 PM)ShadowTiger Wrote: What if, when we get that construction scaffolding box thing while something is being constructed, we can right-click (Or left-click; whatever.) on it, and a little green flag or something would pop up on one of its sides, and repeating that click will switch that flag in a clockwise manner around that block to indicate which side the imp should pop out on. If the computer thinks it can't get the imp out on that side, the flag will be red.

Or maybe an arrow. There's no reason for flags to be on a construction block thing.

But yeah, it is an important topic, and I'm glad it's being brought up.

That would be a nice way to do it, I have grown a little fond of the flags since I managed to get the animation right with the rally flag Tongue

(21-09-2013, 10:15 AM)lukiono Wrote: Good:
- For an alpha good performance
- the gameplay and micromanagement
- the art style
- animations. i love these little farm mill

- torches and lantern to dark
- soil is to bright for my opinion
- ai has often conflicts about executing orders
- construction orders. imps stuck often in corners

kind regards

- Hmm, I think I need to enable some settings so that the players can set their own brightness in the game. This may solve the torchlight issue, also so that it is possible to put up torches on the floors..
- I have gotten some complaints about the soil, but had to much other stuff to do the last time, but it is an easy fix, so it will be fixed with the next version!
- I will continue working on the AI, it will be a work in progress all the way during the alpha state..

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