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The other segment set to the music of Blue Danube features a young Daffy Duck playing an ugly black duckling joining a flock of white swans. The mother swan does everything she can to get rid of the little black duck but when her babies are taken by a vulture, Daffy goes to the rescue and is eventually accepted as a member of the family.Cat Ear Hoodie

The next day, Huddles and Freight Train pull up a car in fromt of the McCoy home to drive Bubba to the game. They are shocked when Bubba emerges, the very ground trembling at each step of the behemoth into which he has grown. Bubba can offer little in the way of apology, admitting that the urges were simply too much for him. Huddles can only see visions of his next next-door neighbor being a polar bear. The boys show up at the staduim, and the coach calls for a team weigh-in. Bubba lingers just outside the team doctor’s office, hoping the coach might overlook him. But the coach howls for Bubba to present himself. Huddles hits on a possibility to fool the scale – inflate Bubba’s pants with helium gas from the stadium balloon vendor. The trick brings about a surprising weight reading – 96 pounds? The coach figures the scale must be broken, and gives Bubba a brief reprieve, to be weighed after the game. Having inflated trousers, however, has definite drawbacks on the field – Bubba can’t maintain a footing, and keeps drifting skywatd, having to be dragged back to Earth by his teammates. This leaves him with no ability to brace for the onslaught of the offensive line, who merely push him aside or spin him around like a top, allowing Huddles to be repeatedly sacked. The coach is so irate, he’s ready to ship Bubba off to the frozen North whether or not he passes the weigh-in. Meanwhile, Peevey, known as a football hater, oddly shows up at the game, wishing to see the last farewell of the two “barbarians”, and be sure that his plan worked to perfection. Seeing the predicament of Bubba’s floating, Peevey guesses at the trick the boys have pulled, and launches his own counter-measure to have Bubba’s true weight revealed. Producing a pin and a noisemaker horn, Peevey uses the horn as a blow gun, to fire the pin into Bubba’s pants. Bubba is in the middle of a fumble, recovering the ball with a circle of opposing players surrounding him on all sides. The pin pops his trousers – and Bubba takes off in the force of the jet stream of escaping gas, rocketing in zig-zag fashion across the field, over the heads of opponents and out of the reach of their defensive squad – and scores the game-winning touchdown. The coach is in ecstacy, shouting that fat or no fat, anyone who can move with such speed stays on his team. A happy ending ensues, for all except Peevey, who realizes he has just burst his own bubble.

The Weekly Flip report! This week, the final 35mm master scans for Flip are arriving. We’ve also been informed that the last two elements we need from the Library of Congress are on deck to be scanned. These are a 35mm soundtrack from Puppy Love and the German titles for Flip in Bulloney, featuring the original title art missing from all other prints we’ve seen. The icing on this week’s cake was two prints lent by Mark Kausler, both with footage not in *any* other print we’ve found. Coo-Coo the Magician has an opening and closing that is missing from all other 16mm and 35mm materials we know of, and The Bully, in a 16mm auto-positive print, has the introduction music. I haven’t heard it yet, but excited to record it later tonight.

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“It was those kinds of things they censored and so much more for seemingly no reason. As Captain Huffenpuff said about Beanyland: ‘This place wasn’t built by a mouse; it was built for mice!'”

The Kelvinator company, named after Irish-Scottish physicist Lord Kelvin the discoverer of absolute zero, was founded in 1914 and became the dominant maker of home refrigerators.(2) By 1923, Kelvinator held 80% of the American market for electric refrigerators. The company grew and branched out from that foothold into electric ranges, home freezers, room air conditioners, kitchen cabinets, sinks, kitchen waste disposers, home laundry equipment, and water heaters.

We don’t know if Max and Dave Fleischer gambled in the stock market, as so many in show business had done. If they didn’t, that was a good thing for them, as they didn’t have to go bare-chested after having lost their shirts. But the deal with Paramount remained a good thing for them, providing a regular outlet for their releases. Paramount further followed through with the promotional budgets, putting ads in all the trade papers, etc. Nobody knew at this juncture how deep the depression would get – or that they were even in a depression – but they knew the market had dropped from its previous peak in September of 1929. In keeping spirits up, the Screen Songs continued, and the ball kept bouncing.
Personalized Cartoon Sweater Cute

Gopher has observed Rabbit’s manipulation of the shoes, and thinks the joke is being carried too far. Pooh and Piglet also witness Tigger’s hopeless efforts at the ridge, where he is barely able to rise a sixth of the way upwards, measuring his progress in chalk marks on the ridge only mere inches apart, and digging a crater in the dust at the foot of the hill with each thundering landing. Tigger insists the shoes are helping, though Piglet can easily see they’re holding him down. Tigger jumbles his account to the pair about the great Bunny, which Piglet misinterprets as the “Awful Bunny who works at night”. Pooh and Piglet both sigh that Tigger looks very tired, and as they walk away, Rabbit, checking up on the results of his prank, wonders why no one else thins his joke is funny.

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