Stabicus Here...
Im Doug Tschopp from Washington State USA...Im a mailman and game collector...Currently working on adding all my old Dos games to my MAME cabinet...20k games and counting...
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Ive always loved Bullfrog... Dungeon Keeper...Syndicate (not the FPS)...and cant wait to see this one grow into the DK3 we've all been waiting for...I've contacted 4 or 5 game sites asking for this game to get some love...if people see it they should love it.
Hi Stabicus, very nice to meet you Smile Always nice to meet new Dungeon Keeper fans! I have already seen that you have some contributed with some ideas, and that you are helping me with the spread this game to the public is really what I need right now Smile

Ohh, MAME, I played that a lot a couple of years ago. It's great when you have friends over to be able to play arcade games, have you tried out Metal Slug? If you haven't I would really recommend it, it's action at its finest Wink
Oh yeah Metal Slug series is em all 1-6...few great side scrollers out there Ghost n Goblins franchise is solid, Gunstar Heroes,... with 20,000 games I dont run out of things to play thats for sure.
MAME is great for playing those old arcade games I loved when I was a kid. I've had loads of fun playing old classics like Tiger Heli, Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Empire City and many others.
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