Someone Landed On The Wrong Hole
For the guy who has been posting these... uuum, advertisements. Please find some other website ( or forum ) to do it okay. This forum is only dedicated to the game Dwelvers ( and to those who are developing it ). We do not handle or legible on viewing this kind of things. I also noticed that you went overboard on the posts posting threads that do not relate the forum topic category. No threatening but this is a FORUM not an ENTREPRENEUR website.
Yea, I've deleted about 300 threads with spam and banned this bot, don't know how, but probably that bot has script that can find the answer for question during registration. We will have a new forum address and with that - don't worry - we will implement better safety system.
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I've changed the security questions for now, hopefully it will keep those bots out a while longer..
I think I may get Rasmus a SSL license for the forum for Christmas...

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