Tara (T) here!
Just sending a quick Hi out!

I'm a big fan of DK and now a supporter of DD Smile

Loving the demo Rasmus, keep up the great work!

Thanks Tara, I will Smile

Hi Tara! Welcome to the Forum!
I'm also a big DK fan! Looking forward to the growth of this ^_^
SabotageTheFool Wrote:YOU BETTER! lol
I agree. In fact, I said this to Rasmus in another forum, but for the benefit of those here in this forum I'll say it again, Rasmus, if you don't finish DD in time --- BOOM! :twisted: That's right, the clock is ticking. Just think of it as motivation, great DD game, no BOOM! Tongue

@Tara: welcome aboard. looks like we've set ourselves up as the pioneers of this new community, so let's all make sure we get it off to a good start... and keep Rasmus on track with DD. Big Grin
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The Golden One!

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