Tommen introducing himself
Hi I am Tommen and I am a big fan of management and micro management games. Therefore this game suits me very well. I have been playing games twenty years or so, mostly arcade Neo-Geo and flipper games but also on the exceptional computer - Amiga. The favourites are Football manager 91/92 (the intricate management part, it could have been about anything else but they were the most developed), The great Giana sisters, Maria Whitakers X-mas strip poker, Beyond the ice palace (the music is one of the best), Pirates!, Theme park and so on.

So there I am.
Hi Tommen, welcome to our yet small forum Wink
I was also a big Amiga fan, and I'm very familiar with Football manager, Giana Sisters and Pirates, all great games! My favourites was King's Bounty, Dungeon Master, Pirates, Stunt Car Racer and Speedball 2.
As you may have heard, Dwelvers are now being supported by the developers behind "Towns" and I'm also on the way finding me a 3D artist, so there will be a lot of improvements in both game-play and graphics this month, so keep your eyes open Wink
yes, welcome to the forum, Tommen. 8-)

I'm also a big fan of the Amiga. I had years of fun playing games like Dungeon Master, CSB, Pirates, Railroad Tycoon, Civilization, the original Sim City, and SuperStar Ice Hockey (IMO the best hockey simulation/management game ever made, even to this day).
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