Gustav here!
Hey everyone!

My name is Gustav and I'm a programmer/game designer who really loves DK 1 and 2. When I saw Rasmus work I instantly wanted to be a part of it.
Nowdays I help Rasmus with testing and bouncing game related ideas.

Will be a blast to talk to you all on the forum!
Heya Gustav! Nice to meet you (so to speak Tongue) I've not got any real programming ability ^_^ But I do love to test/break games (:< I'm also full of ideas and whatnot lol.

Look around here Big Grin I made the buttons and stuff that have been personalized ^_^ I do little bits to help Rasmus and his game, and really glad you do too Big Grin

Welcome to the forums!
Hi Gustav,

Nice to see you finding your way into our dark dungeon Smile I may add for those that don't know, I got to learn Gustav at my Game Development Education here in Sweden, and he is really doing everything in his power to spread the word about Dwelvers. I mean, look at what I stumbled upon by accident for a hour ago: (top comment)
@gustov: it's good to meet some new people on a new forum. I've also studied programing and am currently looking to work in a technical support role, with plans to eventually move into systems analysis and design (maybe) or web development, whatever catches my fancy more. I've also done some early testing on Dwelvers, DD from now on Smile and am looking forward to contributing ideas and finding bugs for Rasmus to exterminate.
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