Greetings from the darkenss (An introduction)
No just a shared desktop and someone else gave there account admin privilages so everything requiring admin rights I.e. installing stuffs is asking for there password instead of the oroginal admin on we set up.

They're gonna fix it some time this week.
Ah, no one likes being a Standard User...
despite the many months gap i'm in a possition where I'm amble to once agan play and record game play. I haven't been active in the community due to this limitation but i plan to change that now

let's see if i can recognise the game still Tongue
Welcome back, well you surely would be able to test your skills soon, when 0.7 will be released, only few days left. Wink
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Glad to have you back. Can't wait to get your input on the Hydraulics in the next version. That's something I really want to focus my energies on.
It's great to see you back out from the darkness of no Dwelvers. I hope you don't have any more technical difficulties that draw you back into the darkness of no Dwelvers... Wink
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