Game Where is Dungeon Keeper in this game?! :O
I know i'm supposed to post unique stuff. but i REALLY loved dungeon keeper.
And i want some of the best stuff from it. And at this point i have not seen ANY of it.
I want the "Its good to be bad" stuff. And yes i know this isn't Dungeon Keeper. But still this is a Dungeons Games KEY ITEMS!!
  • Slapping Imps (With the back of your hand, increase in speed)
  • Torture Machines
  • Imps fear you
  • Imps run fast, FASTER
  • Monsters with feelings (Getting mad, Rebel, Salary)
  • The ability to lift and throw Imps and Dwarfs

Some stuff i think, from just playing a few hours should be changed:
  • There is way too much loot (25% could do the trick)
  • It's way to easy to spawn Imps and Dwarfs, higher costs (increasing costs) [I had over 80 Dwarfs after just 15-20 min!!]
  • Stronger Enemies (like 3x the HP and 2x the Damage(Possibly difficulty modes
    [Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Insanity, "Tricky" (just kidding!)]))

I hope i'm not the only Dungeon Keeper fan out there who wants more of this stuff in the game, i would really appreciate it!

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Thanks for your input and welcome to the forum Smile
Many of the things you have added to the list is not implemented yet because it is still in a alpha version. The creature costs and how much loot is dropped will be changed when I start balancing the game. Right now costs isn't my biggest concern because I'm mostly looking for bug and issues in the game and get rid of them, that's why I also have the cheat menu implemented. But once I start leaving the alpha state I will start having creature costs that increases exponentially depending on how many creatures already are created and owned by the player.
So it is important to look at it for what it is, not what buildings it is missing.. I have promised to have buildings that are corresponding to the DK buildings, like Torture Machines, training rooms and more. This also goes with the monster feelings, they will get mad at you, don't worry Wink I will probably add more difficulties in the future, meaning higher level enemies and more of them.

The jury is still out when it comes to slapping imps and being able to lift them. Not sure if I want to add it Undecided Even if I loved that game-mechanic in DK I feel like it can really mess with the gameplay being able to lift 40 creatures and just drop them at a location of my choice.

(Moved the topic to general discussion.)
Tricky, in my humble opinion it feels like you just want a rather not unique copy of Dungeon Keeper with improved graphics.
I would advice against that, and give a unique twist rather than implent more of the effects that made Dungeon Keeper what it was.
However I can only agree about the 'emotion' part. Which could give a great indepth on minion control (slowing down when hungry/tired, manually sending them to eat, set sliders to maintain timely return from work when hungry (I remember in Towns my people died sometimes because they couldnt get home in time (I start over when someone dies! something to do with obsessive pro-life disorder)).
LOL, I don't consider being pro-life a disorder, that's just a healthy sense of ethics and survival drive. Wink
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