Just found this on WIKI!!
Wiki Wrote:Dungeon Keeper 3 was in development, but was later cancelled. However, some Dungeon Keeper 2 CDs contained a trailer showing some features of Dungeon Keeper 3; among them were above-land battles. One member of Bullfrog Productions stated on his personal website that Dungeon Keeper 3 was going to be named War for the Overworld.[5] The project was discontinued because, according to Ernest W. Adams (one of the developers), Bullfrog had decided not to make any other real-time strategy games. The decision was, in effect, the end of Bullfrog as a brand; the company had already been owned by Electronic Arts for several years. EA laid off some employees and put the remainder onto other projects such as the Harry Potter line.

interesting, maybe this could be a turning point for Dwelvers, possible expansion pack?!
The game named War For The Overworld is making now by other independent studio and it really is a game-clone to DK series, but there is nothing happening in Overworld with is very disappointing to me, Dwelvers will be and is now something different, but I can't tell anything now, a big thing is comming soon. Wink

Anyway, as a big DK fan a real continuation for DK for me is only battle in the Overworld, I wonder when it will at last come. I planned to make something like that, but it's really hard to brought digging system to place where there is open area, sky, plains, so many difficulties, that would totally change the DK system which people couldn't like... Maybe EA had idea how to solve it, but anyway it would hanged gameplay drastically.
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I cannot wait for the release of War for the Overworld - I've been waiting for this update for a while and I wanted to try those new characters. While waiting for I am playing gacha life game on my PC - this anime game will let you create anime characters that can be customize. Another great game to play is free plants vs zombies download where you need to plant your defenses against zombie invasion

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