New Feature! Environment Ideas - Revealed secret #2: Lakes and waterfalls
So, I've also been working on getting the water physics working with the dungeon. To be honest, it is a lot easier getting it to work when I have a 3D dungeon than a 2D. Now it is more intuitive because I can use gravity as an excuse for having flowing water.

Here's the first screenshot


It's a little dark because the imps haven't been able to put up torches in the water Tongue But as you can see here we have waterfalls. There is one problem that comes to mind when having waterfalls, and that is what the water comes from, and if the waterfall have an infinite supply of water then the dungeon would be flooded. Well, I solved this by adding a drain-hole at the bottom of the lake that the waterfall flow into, and all the water that enters the drain-hole gets transported up to the waterfall again. So by doing this we have an infinitive water cycle without adding any water to the dungeons total amount. If the player manages to drain the lake, then the waterfall with stop. The waterfalls are also surrounded with solid rock that can't be dug through, this is because otherwise the player would be able to create some really buggy environments, or have the waterfall pumping water right into his dungeon by mistake, and it won't stop until the lake is drained. But even so, I have added the possibility for the player to redirect the water from the waterfall by letting the imps dig walls around it, it ain't easy, but it works.

So that takes me to screenshot number two:


As seen here I've been able to redirect the water to create a moat. I could of course make it a little more pretty, but this is mostly to show that it is possible. Later on I'm thinking about letting the player build pipes so that he will be able to pump water into a location of his choice. Not only for defence, but also to help the dungeon productivity. The farm for example will not need to watered if it have water next to it. As the dungeon have a limited supply of water I have also been thinking about connecting the buckets of water and the well with this supply, the imps should be able to drain a lake manually by fetching water from it and storing the water-buckets in the storage-room, and also being able to drop the water a certain locations. Maybe it ain't that realistic to store water for a whole lake in a storage-room, but that is something I think we can all live with Tongue

Screenshot 3 "Flooding a dungeon":


If a dungeon gets flooded the rooms and items in it won't be destroyed. Maybe it will be time, but not directly. If the water height on a tile is lower than 25% the creatures will still be able to work there, but if the water level is higher than that the collision-detection will get activated. As the water is in a limited amount it isn't that hard to get rid of it. By blocking the path the water flows in and then dig moats around the flooded area will make the water run away, and for the puddles that don't get flushed away the imps can collect with their water buckets.

So this is the second secret update! Tell me what you think Smile

EDIT: Fixed the delta problem with the waterfalls..

WOW... simply WOW Water Smile H2O in it's finest form!

Great to see news from you, but when will this be released? tomorrow? Today? Next week Big Grin WHEN Big Grin

Suggestion: Make imps able to transport water in buckets from one location to another. also instead of using wells you can have imps collect water from pools.
This definitely adds a new dimention to what looks to be an awsome update. Keep up the good work!
That looks so mysterious :3
Flood looks amazing, can we MAGMA the enemy then too? Big Grin

And I wonder do these waterfalls will be square/triangle shaped or will be smoother, more real or not?
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Thanks all Smile
@Tricky: Yes, I would like to make the imps transport water from one location to another, it would require some direct interaction with the map just like digging.. But I will start a topic about it once I get there Smile
@Sebt: We will have magma, or any other fluid that you think would add to the gameplay. Once I've got the water working as it should it is no problem adding other features Smile I will work on the square/triangle shaped water. Just look at this as a foundation for the water physics, now I just need to make a nicer overlay.
(28-10-2013, 02:35 AM)Rasmus Wrote: [...]or any other fluid that you think would add to the gameplay.

Milk! From CentaurCow Tongue
Delta problem with waterfalls fixed..

@Tricky: I forgot to answer, it will take some time until the next release, maybe two or three weeks more at least. I don't want to release something half done, because that could really damage the game..
Oh, I want to swim there immediately! Big Grin
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
That's what I wanted to hear Big Grin
Yea, this picture shows very nice how many of terrain levels will be in game. 5 we can see here, probably 2-3 more could be under this underworld lake, we can have different depth of water (uh, I can imagine a level where there is only water, like in the lake battle Big Grin), I like it, not to much to saying it's minecraft and enough for being able to play a lite dk-like style game in Dwelvers realm.
Also let people know:
- Will there be digable levels on surface?
- How different will be playing in overworld from underground playing?
- Are there will be any more deeper placed specific locations?
I encourage to ask as more as You're courage guys, we're working on big game FAQ now too (which will be placed on the main website). Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Awesome Big Grin, so many upcoming features. This almost made me think about Dwarf Fortress (the bit about several layers), and I like it.

I can already think of a lot of defense plans by using the water and digging a moat around my Hellgate.
Epic! This will change the game a lot, in a positive way!

Do wells have to be connected or placed within a certain radius of a lake to have water? Or can they be placed at random, always having water?
I think now in the beginning they can be placed just as they used too. In the future I will probably have it so that the wells must be in a certain radius to the water.

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