New Feature! Creature Idea - A friendly unfriendly looking creature
So, it have been time for the Dwarfs to get some companions. The main reason is cost of the Dwarfs, we needed a creature that could be produced in high quantity and low cost right from the start. As the gold that the Dwarfs needs to be produced from is now harder to reach because of the many layers of the level we need a creature that will be purchasable with more common materials. So we have started working on a hyena/orcish like creature that only have a club as a weapon. I can't say that much about him just yet. But this is the concept art that will bring him to life Smile

Hmm, one more thing. As we now are introducing creature that are very separate from each other in both manner and appearance we will probably need to give them separate bedrooms so that they don't get too moody Wink


I would like to hear some name suggestions on what we would call a ugly creature like this Smile
Maybe Baorc or Boaroc? Big Grin
You know Boar + Orc, he is kind of Boar warrior for me mixed with known and because this name fits me to not so intelligently looking beast.
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Trolgore? I like Boaroc to, but maybe spelled Boroc...

LOL, just said it in my head and thought Boroc Obam-ma(bam because of the club)! HAHAHAHA
Gnoll. Thats what D&D calls a manish-hyena creature. Unless that is stealing the name...

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