My New Idea Resource Ideas - Managnetite & Basalt
• Managnetite & Basalt •


This stone would be a common magnetite if wasn't be connected with some unexpected events in history.
During early ages some ancient fractions battled hundred of thousands years ago for a very strong resource - the magnetite. The reason is unknown why this rock was so precious (we know now that today magnetic levitate and magnetic engines are something that totally would change the real world, but Dwelvers is not so far with technology)...

After that wars some of strange metal parts with also strange unknown for researchers and miners properties has been leaved under the surface after that time. Mentioned strange powers become calling the Mana because this powers were like magic people heard from myths and creatures that learned some kind of magic powers. Later that stone was more researched by alchemists and artisans - these one called themselves Arcktisans, because one group of these researchers found a broken table where there was a word "Arck..." on the very big part inthis this rock block and something probably later was futher wrote here, but that for these days is still unknown. Because local tribes known Mana as something that gives magic powers, and that stones have strange magnetic influences (originally magnetism was known ancient Greek so don't think it is something new Tongue) locals name this stone the Managnetite.

Managnetite is also a rock needed and is essential for giving life power to Golems.
Also Imps have to upgrade their pickaxes to be able digging out Managnetite because metal tools are stronlgy pulling into these rocks make them unable to dig. You need stone pickaxes or depolarized enchanted pickaxes to dig out the Managnetite.
These rocks can be found in the deepest part of dungeons or special ancient/mine/workshop locations only.


[Image: JC4396LudwigiteMagnetiteIronMask.jpg]
Pic.1. Managnetite vein. In the game it appears in such 3-colour vines, which could be found in deeper parts of dungeons.

[Image: magnetite31146b.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg]
Pic.2 or 3. Managnetite. Has regular shapes, blue colored metallic look.

Highlight: Resource with strange powers.
Function: Thanks to that stone You can create various magic stuffs, powers and Golems to give them power to life.


This rock is made from magma - we have magma in game and I thought how we could make magma places more interesting and needed for creating some interesting stuff. Basalt has acid proof properties and could be nicely used for any kind of poisoning or fluid traps, pipes etc.
This rock can be dig out without special conditions, but...... is available ONLY close to the magma fields. 1-2 tiles away from the closets magma tile.
Basalt is also a rock needed and is essential for sculpting Golems.

[Image: basalt.jpg]
Pic.1. Basalt rock. In the game it appears as darker rock tiles around the magma fields with characteristical small 'air bubbles'.

Highlight: Resource from magma lakes.
Function: Thanks to that stone You can create more stuffs and Golems!
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I like this idea, having rocks that can be found deep underground that gives life to lifeless matter.. It could be used in many ways, but the main purpose would be combining it with wood, rocks or iron could create golems of the same material. Hmm, one thing that I really like is that you mentioned that this mineral would have a sort of an air bubble surrounding it. It would really show the magical properties in the stone. Having it close to the magma is a good idea, and if we want the player to have real difficulty harvest this rock we could have it underneath the magma Wink Well, maybe close to is enough, but it is really possible to make some minerals REALLY hard to get Smile
Ha ha, I love to harvest hard to find minerals, they can really help in gameplay, even change strategy, but I wouldn't give thanks to them a bigger advantage for player, just to play in another kind of gameplay.
Instead of focusing only on the enemy player will be more likely to dig more tunnels. Thanks to 3D space these possibilities will be unlimited. Big Grin
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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