My New Idea Creature Idea - Arcktisan
• Arcktisan •

Arcktisan were commonly known as ancient ruin half troll, half elemental creature researchers, miners and shapeshifters, but the ancient wars and obsession on Managnetites makes them more and more indrawn, hardworking and esoteric.

Now they're wearing many tools for sculpting and crafting items. When have 3 years they have to pass the ritual off Arckisation - that means they have to paint their skin with blue powder that comes from Managnetites. After hundreds of years that powder penetrated to their skin permamently. They still take a research on Managnetites still plumbing their mystery. Thanks to gathering more and more knowledge about mysterious rocks they started to make Golems which help them working and protecting their quarries and homes. They of course are very good at any kind of smithing, metal and stoneworking.

In combat thanks to his high resistances to magic attacks, immunity to electricity and high defense it is a good tank against magic creatures. Against the white steel he can be a good tank too, but for low to medium power creatures. He isn't not as efficient as against magic spells, so can be easily taken down if doesn't have support.

[Image: 159.jpg]
Pic.1. Arcktisan in work, they almost don't sleep...

[Image: stroke_of_genius_640.jpg?w=888&h=711]
Pic.2. Human form of Arcktisan - I like this guy wearing - Arcktisans like that one on the Pic.1. could wearing these clothes similarly looking.

Highlight: Close combat unit that uses it's tools mainly for work, but can damage enemies well with it's clever ideas - is like moving, living trap!
Acquired By: Neutral and Player.
Cost: Moderate, 70% Managnetite, 20% Gold, 10% Iron.
Attack Form: Melee.
Weapon: Two short chisels.
Armor: Natural Managnetite armor.
Attack Power: Below Moderate.
Defense: Below High.
Health Points: Moderate.
Attack Speed: Moderate.
Movement Speed: Moderate.
Resistances: Immune to electricity. 45% resistance to all other magic spells.
Job: Arck Foundry (the only one that can work there!), Blacksmith, Library, any other crafting/researching (that second with lower rate than crafting) things.
Entertainment: N/A.

Passive Abilities:
(P1) Electrizer - in moderate range this works like an aura to ally Golems boosts their movement speed and doubles their resistance to all magic spells (if have).
(P2) Weak point seeker - if the enemy is armored with the items from Blacksmith, Arcktisan can find a weak point in enemy's armor. That means that in combat Arcktisan has chance to damage one enemy with double power. Cummulates with critical hit.
(P3) Deconstruction - when Arcktisan is hitting the trap or door he has a chance to destroy them immidiatelly by deconstruct them. As more though is the trap or door the chance is lower.

Active Abilities:
(A1) Electromagnetizer - set a small mechanical totem that breaks nearly casted magic spells by the enemy in low range. Works unless someone will destroy it. Medium cooldown.
(A2) Magnet Pulling - set a mechanical totem on the ground that slows enemy movement speed because they feel their armor is much heavier than normal. Shirt range. Medium cooldown.
(A3) Disassembly - hardly damage one of the enemy piece of armor or even destroy it, dealing moderate damage to this creature too. Medium cooldown time. Low range.
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I like that he will use traps as a weapon. Hmm, there are many forces at work when it comes to the creatures. I have to say that I don't always have the final word in their design. Mostly because we have found such an excellent 3D artist that are really good at giving the creatures good characteristics..
One road I think we are going down in is to not have humans living underground, these creatures will mostly be a mutations. On the surface we will have the humans.. This will mean that at some point we will probably remodel the Dark Dwarf and mutate him with a animal of some sort Tongue Just so that we keep it consistent.

So if he is acquired by human or natural player (not humans) we need to make him lose his human form.. We have been thinking about having a similar human, a mechanic of some sort that will dig and disable traps. The Arcktisan could be a good counterpart. But I think we will need some good concept art for him. Maybe have him mutated with a reptile like creature, or something else Wink
Yea, that human form is only addon, just would like to show how I see human Arcktisan, but mostly I would like make him for evil side. The blue hybrid of troll, anyway a creature that comes from underground and almost never seen the sun, so reptile skeen could be nice, but don't if relevant. We could mix some this and that, why not. Would be great if he could be in half similar to Golems he creates - if it comes to his physique. Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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