My New Idea Resource & Construction Ideas - Magma Pots & Stone Bridge Magma Lift
Magma Pots & Stone Bridge Magma Lift

Your Imps are diggin and diggin the walls... one of them felt increasing heat that comes behind the strange wall build from magma. The Imp dug out this magma wall very exciting what hides behind the hot rock...
- it's a magma lake! Keep diggin... no, nonoono...., tell master first!
The Imp has discovered a big magma lake and he think...
- magma need? yes, magma need! Built a bridge! Make a lift! Make some pots to get the magma. Magma hot... Me must go, tell master!
The Imp went quickly to the Storage Room. His Master - the Hand - built the 1 tile of bridge on the magma field and order Imp to get to that bridge and built the lift. Imp took some irons and went to the bridge.
- Now Imp do lift. Yes, Yesss, a crazy lift!
The Imp made a hole in the bridge, than put iron and made thanks to magma ember iron pots and the lift where pot he hangs on the chains.
- Now Imp, bring me the magma! - shouted the Hand.
Imp after making some pots and built a structure started to do exactly what he do bringing the water from the well. He dipped the pot, than pull it up and took the full of Magma Pot to the Storage Room.

[Image: plimoth1.jpg]
Pic.1. The lift has one (I know there are two in the picture...) pot hanged on the chain and some of them lies in the bridge close to the structure.

Highlight: Construction needed for gathering the magma from magma pools.
Room: Bridge on the magma only! It's needed to go deeper on the magma field to gather it hotter and better quality. Cannot be set onto lava waterfalls.
Cost: Only iron. Not so cheap because there are many pots needed and solid structure.
Function: Imp spin around the crank and takes the Magma Pot (which is a new resource) to the Storage Room.
Place: Magma fields.

What is magma need for?
  • magma traps,
  • filling the tiles with lava (?),
  • making Golems in Arck Foundry,
  • making some other stuff that would need very high temperature.

Making lift could be a way to gather the water from water pools too if our wells will dried out.
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