Dwelvers Journal 2013.11.15 - Wheat flooded by waterfalls
Okey, time to show the progress these past two weeks Smile

No more wheat
First of all, the wheat is no more.. Instead we have replaced it with a root like thing that has the same properties at wheat, but can grow without sunlight. It is still unnamed, so feel free to help us out and come up with some names for this exotic root plant Wink


Creature status
So, to be able to progress the game and give the creatures a reason to complain if being mistreated I added this little info card that comes up if a creature is selected. The graphics for it is still in a prototype mode but the design will probably be the same. On the top left you can see the creatures average damage, on the top right his accuracy, middle left his defence and middle right his resistance. At the bottom you can see a blue shield where it says 25%, all special abilities a creature have will be gathered at the bottom of the card, in this case the Dwarf has a 25% block chance towards all incoming attacks, no matter how hard they hit.
You can also see the green bars, the top three is the health, how well rested, and the hunger level. The last one is special for the Dwarf, it measures his alcohol level, and if his isn't drunk enough, he will get angry.. So keep the beers coming Wink


Time for food
So that takes us to the eating part. I added a little tray on the tables which the dungeon workers have as a responsibility to keep filled, in this case with beer and fish. If a creature then gets hungry they can just sit down and pick what they need from the tray and consume. They will leave the table once the tray is empty or their hunger have been satisfied. Note that it is very important that you build the chairs, otherwise the imps can't reach the food!


Nothing beats a nap after a heavy meal
The creatures needs to rest as well, and that includes the imps. After building the bedroom the player assign the beds himself, at this point it is possible to make beds specific beds for the dwarfs and the imps, the same type of creature can take turns sleeping in the same bed, but the dwarf will for example never sleep in a bed assigned for an imp. This will help the player organise the bedroom so that two creature types that hate each other don't have to share the same bedroom.


So if you want too, you can always squeeze all the imps into one small bedroom.


Foamy waterfalls and softer blocks
As much as like this game to be as popular as Minecraft, I had to draw some boundaries. As seen here I have upgraded the waterfalls and added some foams to them, also the water texture now reflects the light in a more realistic way, making the water look more alive. All the block edges and corners have also been made smoother so that the player don't have to worry about the creatures getting cut on them Wink


More control
One thing I'm surprised of is that I haven't gotten that many requests about adding a map or minimap.. Well I did it anyway.. I found a way that is both simple for me and very useful for the player. If the player presses TAB he will enter a map view, meaning that the camera will get a orthogonal projection and also direct the camera eye straight down. In this mode the player zoom in and out, move around the camera, build, dig and do what ever he did in the normal view but with a better overview of the dungeon. The only down part is that it is hard to see the level differences in the dungeon.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, in the top right corner is a compass that I added, so that the player will orient himself easier in the dungeon. This compass is available in both normal view and in map-view as seen in all the screen-shots posted here.


Incoming Cyclotaur
Beware, a cyclotaur has entered your dungeon.. This creature isn't easy to kill, he can smash you down very easily unless you are prepared. At this point the player would need at minimum three level 1 dwarfs to be able to kill him of, and I haven't even enabled the cyclotaurs boulder throwing skill yet. So if you are planning to engage one of those in combat, be sure that you have high level dwarfs.


In water lives fishes.. man..
The player should be aware when entering watery regions of the dungeon. Hiding under the water and watching, always watching.. Waiting for a easy pray to walk by so that he can take it by surprise and kill it. This fishman is driven purely by instinct and can therefore never be tamed. So even if you capture him and torture him you will get nothing out of him, because there is nothing he knows that is of any value.


Yes, the humans have entered the dungeon. We are planning to have at least one human type in the game in the next release, and that is the knight. These humans comes from the surface and will find their way down to your dungeon with the only objective to kill your Dark Mother. As we haven't made the surface world yet, we will have portals, or stairs that leads from the surface to the dungeon where these knights will generate. The player will need to claim these stairs to be able to stop the knights from continuously generating.


So that was all for now! Please leave a comment so that I know what you think of the progress Smile

I will have these updates made into separate topics so that we can discuss them in detail, but right now I don't have the time to do that unfortunately, so it will have to delay until tomorrow Smile
Lookin good! So much to talk about, but here I am almost asleep. Friday evening can't get here soon enough.
Ohmygod-Ohmygod-Ohmygod! (..recovers dignity) Hmm, not bad. I guess I will have a little play of it...
Nice update!
Something has driven my hand into buying Dungeon Keeper on GOG.com last week, and just in these daying I'm enjoying the experience.
I keep dreaming about playing at such a gameplay, with the improved interface, the more elaborate game mechanism and the visuals, AND THE Z AXIS!!! I want so much to leave this long and 1tile wide strip of rock, with 3 levels below the lairs of my most fearful minions. MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH!!!
Wow this looks great!
The map is a great feature to have some overview of everything. And I love the idea of different kind of beds!
The new wheat plant looks like some yellowish anthill so maybe call them antroots?Tongue
Keep up the great work!
Omg so much cool new stuff Big Grin.
Some suggestions for the name of the root thingy - Darkroot, Impfinger, Mealwort...my brain is a bit dead as it's the end of the week so I'm struggling to come up with anything better for now, lol.
What are those black obsidian-looking stone thingys on the dungeon floor? Some kind of resource you can pick up?
I am the Wordweaver...
Man... I tell you. Every time I blink, there's a dozen more awesome things in Dwelvers. That's honestly how I feel. It takes other developers a month to do half of this stuff.

I think that leaves me very confused. o.O Yet I have played what you create, and I know it to be real. Is life truly so illusory?

But seriously, this is all so amazing. That map is sexy. Truly so.
"Go, go, Potato!" ~Mello Tonin
It looks more and more like a finished game, but... still is in alpha state! Can't imagine what will we experience in beta and then in finished release. Big Grin
Super-duper update. Smile
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Thanks all Smile
Sorry Ameena, I went with the previous suggestion because it sounded okey and I was just about to name it Tongue Maybe I will change it later on to one of your suggestions, but right now its named Antroots.
The black obsidan things are actually coal that the player can mine. Hmmm, they do look a little of when a room is built right over it.
Hehe it's okay, I was just seeing what names I could come up with - I wasn't particularly attached to any of them or anything Wink. I've just had a thought of somehow linking it to the word "stalagmite", particularly the "mite" part in relation to the comparison to ants. And stalagmites grow upwards like these roots do. I bet there's a decent punny-yet-cool name in there somewhere but I can't think of anything that sounds suitable right now - Miteroots, Stalagroots, neither sounds too amazing. Meh.
The black rocks are coal? Ah, lol...maybe you could make it a bit less shiny? Coal is dull, as far as I'm aware. It also does seem a bit odd that you can build a dungeon floor right over it with no apparent effect - maybe make it so that a tile with an ore vein in it can't be built over and remains as dirt ground until you mine out the ore, at which point it just becomes a normal dirt tile. Maybe then it might be in your interest to actually not mine some things - for example, those white-ish pointy rock-crystal things in the image with the fish guy look pretty sharp - maybe creatures stepping on them take damage (unless they have really tough feet or boots, or are made of rock to begin with) so you could kind of use it as a free basic trap to ward off invaders. Or something. Wink
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No wheat, no sun, no women, no cry Big Grin

Gr8 oopdate! Wheat wasn't fit to dungeon world.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
I propose make this creature stats in card in one line, it will be more easly to understand and clear.
My proposition for name of this plant is: Cereoss Tongue it's mixed from cereal and moss (because it grow without sunlight Tongue )
Hmm, creature stats in card in one line? Could you elaborate? Something like: "Att 25 Acc 10 Def 10 Res 85"?
I don't know about all that. I like the way it is displayed in the screenshot.
[Image: 7823e37a29f86828.jpg]
Something like this

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