Modding Possibility to import models into the game
So, I've been thinking about something the last days, something that the more I thought about it the more I want to make it happen.

With the upcoming release I will leave the game open, so that people can check out and change the models or the graphics if they want to. I have no problem with this, the more experimentations out there the better.

I had a chat with Ben from the Towns team yesterday about Towns and how the scripting was done there. I thought it was more complicated, but to my surprise it was all done with XML. This gave me the idea that almost anything in the game could be loaded out of XML data files that anyone could edit. So I started small and with the upcoming release you will notice that the creature stories (Like the Impanzee story) is done in XML, edit the file and it will be edited in the game.

So my plan is that after the next release I will start working on this, it shouldn't take to long to fix, but my vision for this is that people will be able to create their own packages with models and graphics that could be imported into the game. And that the different packages wouldn't affect eachother. So if someone have 10 packages installed all with different storage table types then the player will have 10 different storage tables to choose from inside the game.

If this goes well and the interest for it is high, it would definitely lessen my work load Smile

So for example a XML package could look like this:

  <package-name value = "Rasmus Buildings"/>
  <add value = "StorageTable">
    <model file = "rasmus-building-package\buildings\storagetable.3ds" texture ="rasmus-building-package\textures\wood.png"/>
    <model file = "rasmus-building-package\buildings\storagetablelegs.3ds" texture ="rasmus-building-package\textures\iron.png"/>
    <icon texture ="rasmus-building-package\textures\stoagetableicon.png"/>
  <add value = "PrisonBars">
    <model file = "rasmus-building-package\buildings\prisonbars.3ds" texture ="rasmus-building-package\textures\iron.png"/>
    <icon texture ="rasmus-building-package\textures\prisonbarsicon.png"/>

What do you guys think?
I think this is a great idea. Not only would it allow for more customization in the game, but we could offer more than just worded suggestions for the game. We could contribute some real content which like you say could lessen the load on you. Obviously some things in the game should be locked from editing so that you can't just cheat your way through the game with overpowered units or have a storage table that can store 10,000 units.
This sounds great! It's great to have an option implemented to mod things and to add them.
And like you said before, this will create a lot of experimentation and variety which will probably be one of the best things in this game!
What kind of models and texture specifics are you using yourself?
Dwelvers - game that is really making with community! Big Grin
You have a chance to make Your own alternative skin for monster (maybe You know Dwelvers won't have the same looking each unit) or own item graphic. Smile
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@Mello: I don't think I will make room for cheating by doing this.. The option I give to the player is that he can make his own models and textures and have it as an alternative model for a storage table for example. The storage table will then just work like a normal storage table, but with different apperance. Later on I will probably make it work so that the player can modify the buildings properties, but one thing at a time Smile

@MasterGoose: The models in the dungeon is simple 3ds files, and all textures have a limit on 256x256. It isn't much, but I think it is enough. For the animations and rigged creatures I have my own home-made exporter made in MaxScript that I will make available once it is possible to import creatures as well.

@Sebt: Yeah, hopefully this will get the game going some extra. If people started making extra models for the game the variations would be endless, no dungeon will look the same Smile
As soon as it is possible, it would be nice to have a way to share these mods and make use of them in the upcoming versions. I will totally have a part of my site []dedicated to mods I have made (depending on the time I have to dedicate to it) and mods from the community I have been able to try and find to be really awesome.

It will be really easy once this goes to Steam to do this, but for now I don't mind making a collection. I'm thinking Sebt is going to really have some fun with this.

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