Oldie but Goodie Sci-Fi
I don't usually dig British Sci-Fi, but I just started getting into Dr. Who. I've got up to the Marco Polo series as of this evening, and like a good book I just can't put it down even though this part of the series the video is missing due to some unfortunate decisions made by the BBC. At least the audio is intact.

You guys have any classic Sci-Fi films you really dig?
Babylon 5 and Startrek. :-)
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I really wanted to say "Red Dwarf" but I'm not sure when the historical cut-off date is.
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Lol, yeah Red Dwarf was another good British Sci-Fi. So funny; watched it when I was a lil kid.
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Never got into Babylon 5 so I should prolly go check it out. StarTrek is of course the quintessential sci-fi series...dare I query your list of Enterprise captains in order from most awesome to least impressive, or series from coolest to lamest?
If I had to list best Enterprise captains according to the shows it would be:
Picard -> Archer -> Kirk

If it was considering movies as well:

Kirk -> Picard -> Archer

The difference is because I didn't find that Kirk was much of a captain during the show. He was mostly a womanizer. The movies captured his captaincy better.

Best Star Trek shows from best to worse would be:

Voyager -> Enterprise -> The Next Generation -> Star Trek -> Deep Space Nine (I couldn't get into DS9 personally)
Oh boy, I wasn't expecting that, but I think we're mostly on the same page as far as captains go although I would lump the series and movies together.

Archer > Picard > Kirk

I think Archer had both the components that were individually Picard (made use of crew suggestions, but ultimately had a course of action in mind) and Kirk (not afraid to fire phasers and torpedoes unlike the diplomatic Picard). I wished they had been able to continue the Enterprise series.

I would have to say though, as far as the series went, I always loved the original overall. It was really on the edge of what was politically correct at the time, and really reflected the best of what civilization could be if we were willing to accept each others differences and work together. So I would have to go:

Original Series > The Next Generation > Enterprise (ended too soon) > Voyager > DS9 (although it did start getting good at the end)
Oh, man I'm a big sci-fi buff.

My all time favorites would have to include

1- Star Trek TNG
2- Star Trek
3- Babylon 5
4- Voyager
5- Battlestar Galactica

I'd put the short lived series Firefly in there but it didn't last long enough and I'm not sure if it's old enough to qualify as a classic. The producer, Joss" Whedon, is a filmmaking genius, especially with what he did with his Buffy The Vampire Slayer series, and its spinn-off, Angel. IMO Firefly had the potential to be right up there with classics like Star Trek, but was never given the chance.

Still, there are so many great sci-fi series out there that were great in their heyday, and still are even now.

My ranking of the Star Trek captains goes something like this:

Picard -> Kirk -> Janeway -> Archer -> Cisco

IMO Kirk's main flaw was that he just couldn't delegate to save his life, otherwise he'd have been #1.

Here's my Captains who are hardest on their uniforms list:

1- Kirk (I don't think he wend through an entire episode without ripping at least 1 uniform)
2- Cisco (He commanded a key facility during a major war, so he would natrually go through a few of them)
3- Archer (Being the first to explore many areas does have its hazards)
4- Janeway (Although captaining a line ship far from home, she somehow managed to preserve her uniforms remarkably well, probably knowing that if she went through too many she'd have nothing to wear and that just wouldn't do...)
5- Picard (That Ryker just wouldn't let his Captain get into anything remotely dangerous, so not much risk of anything just sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise)
Nice! Got a chuckle out of the 'hardest on their uniforms list'. If they had money in the 21st century, Kirk's tailor would've been a wealthy person.

I loved the Firefly series even though it was just the 2 seasons, but at least the movie Serenity wrapped up the story line. Could've definitely went further, but I think with Summer Glau going to Dollhouse, that really kinda messed up the character availability; maybe it was something else.
I remember that Fox kept preempting it for specials, moving its time slot around and just basically doing anything possible to spoil Firefly's ratings. That was annoying as I was really getting into the story but had a hard time figuring out when or even if it would be on from one week to the next.

As for the uniforms list, yeah, I figured that'd get a good laugh out of everyone... Big Grin

Gotta live up to the last half of my name as well as the 1st half, after all Tongue

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