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I recall reading somewhere concerning this game, that you consider Settlers as one of the games this game is inspired from. In the third game (Settlers 3; don't know about other games though) you could grow your own trees to get Wood and you could convert wood into coal. So in that line of thought perhaps consider allowing for converting of one type of resource into another. Specifically:

Note: Fire could come from a Kiln, Oven, Smelter, Fireplace, or whatever you'd like.

Conversion #1 = 4 Dirt + 1 Bucket of Water + Fire = 1 Stone
Conversion #2 = 2 Wood + Fire = 1 Coal

Since Dirt, Wood, and Buckets of Water generally are very common resources it will allow you to use some of the excess to create rarer resources.

Highlight: Convert common resources into rarer resources
Added to Ideas & Game Features list.
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It had been mentioned that transmuting one resource to another wasn't going to be a feature of the game. I know this isn't exactly the exact same thing, but it is still take these resources and convert them to another resource.

I think though that being able to do so would be useful, but that is going to entirely depend on how the balance of materials comes out in the final version.
I agree with Mello, we have had this discussion before.. It is good that it is added to the list, but this is something I will not implement into the game until the more final version. Because I see this more as a balancing feature rather than a actual game mechanic.

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