My New Idea Product Ideas - Clay, Charcoal, Steel, Gravel
• Clay, Charcoal, Steel, Gravel •

I couldn't think of which category this would fall into (as it kinda falls into several categories). Anyway, I would like to suggest several new resources that could be made from other resources currently ingame. For example:

Highlight: Created by mixing Water Buckets with Dirt.
Function: Could be used to create pottery, or heated at high temperatures into tiles or possibly even the stone resource.

Highlight: Created by heating up Wood with a source of fire.
Function: This would be similiar to coal, but would be produced, instead of mined. Functionally Charcoal would produce different, but similiar results to coal.

Highlight: Created by heating up iron ingots, coal/charcoal at a Smelter.
Function: If you create it with coal, you get tempered steel, which is tougher, stronger, and more durable. If you create it with coal, it is steel. This way making steel with coal will be always preferable if you have coal to spare. If you don't have coal, then charcoal can be used to create an inferior product. Steel could be used in making better swords, armor, or sturdier doors.

Highlight: Created by breaking apart Stone
Function: Gravel could be used to help make foundations much more stable. This could be important if you ever decided to implement an earthquake type of event.

Additional resources based on current resources that give better game immersion to build stuff with materials that would normally be required to build something realistically.
I have to redact this suggestion a little to make it more clear to proper format and put into proper for resources Environment category. Hope You don't mind. Smile

Also added to Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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Hi palandus, and welcome to the forum Smile I see that you have filled the forum with all these wonderful suggestions, I will read them all and answer you tomorrow, right now I'm way to tired. But as I said, you are very welcome to the forum, and keep adding suggestions if you come to think about more, it can only make the game better Smile
Will do and thanks for welcoming me.
Hmm, the clay item could be a little bit redundant. If I were to create pots at the pottery I would in that case take the water and the dirt directly there and let them create the clay and the pot at the same time. I try to keep the items as basic as possible, and if it will not have several uses I try to avoid including them.

Charcoal is a nice idea, but it is the same as the clay item. If I'm going to make iron ingots I would take the wood directly to the ironsmelter and make it do pig iron ingots, otherwise iron ingots. Sure charcoal could be a great burning material, but I feel like the wood could be used directly there as well. As I see it we would have wood -> charcoal -> iron ingots, wood is useful for many things, so is iron ingots. But charcoal is only used for creating iron ingots, so that is a step I would like to jump over.

In this context steel is just a synonym for iron ingots. They will have the same uses. The only thing is that steel may create better materials than iron ingots. It is a good idea, but if I were to implement it into the game I would probably merge it with the iron ingot item and add a +1 in quality of the item or something like that, and that +1 would follow the whole production chain to making weapons and armours that have +1. But it all depends on if I allow wood to be burned at that iron smelter.

Gravel could be nice to make the fortifications stronger, that one I agree on Smile

A side note: I know that charcoal is made out of wood, and that wood can not directly be mixed with the iron ore in the ironsmelter without being processed to charcoal. But I think instead of adding charcoal into the game it would perhaps be better to create coal with a negative attribute like "coal -1" out of the wood and require the double amount of "coal -1" to produce iron ingots.

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