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• AI Combat Readiness •

NOTE: This is one of my suggestions in my first thread, going into greater detail.

One of the most frustrating things I encountered was when my base was under attack by impanzees and my dwarves were simply sitting in the bar getting drunk.

I would like it so that whenever a friendly unit is attacked, any dwarf that is nearby (within say 15 squares), will go to the combat area immediately. So, if a dwarf is just being idle, isn't captured by a previous rally flag (some still dont follow the call) or is drinking in a bar within 15 squares, they will head to the combat area immediately.

Additionally, any dwarf that is currently drinking will stop drinking if a Rally Flag is placed somewhere. This will allow the dwarves to take drinking breaks outside of combat (when they aren't needed) and go and fight when they are needed.

Highlight: Make the dwarves answer attacking forces more readily when needed to.
What is the modification regarding to?: Dark Dwarf General AI and job task selection for Dark Dwarves.
Function: To make the Dark Dwarves fight when you need them to fight.
Right now, a rally flag will do just that. As the game progresses the units will get smarter.
Mello says true. Rally Flag needs some improvement as creature AI. Anyway added to Ideas & Game Features list.
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I agree with both Mello and Sebt on this one Smile

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