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Mithril should be a light metal that is extremely strong and extremely rare. Mithril could be used to make extremely powerful weapons, armor, and could create special creatures (such as a Golem made of Mithril).

It should be difficult to find it. As the material is so strong, mining it is also difficult. Consider making the mining animation 2-3 times longer for mining a mithril deposit.

This would be a silvery white metal that is extremely light, strong and rare. It should be found in deposits deep in the earth, and not near the surface.

Highlight: Used for making some of the best items or golems in the game.
Rare minerals have been discussed. Mithril is pretty mainstream so it wouldn't be surprising to see this added.
Added to Ideas & Game Features list!
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It will probably be added, but right now there are soo many other items that needs to be added as well. I try to keep my adding of resources in a way so that they follow eachother. Like first I added water, then wheat, then flour, then bread.. So once I start on the blacksmith I will have a lot of other items that will needed to be added before I go to mithril.

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