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• Magnetic Wall •

This wall is made of the suggested material "magnetite". As such it is extremely magnetic and attracts anything made of nickel, cobalt or iron to it and sticks real good. As such any unit made of metal or wearing metal equipment is stuck to the wall. This includes golems, Dark Dwarves, or anything else made of metal (try to avoid bring Imps carrying iron near it as it will get sucked out of their hands and stick to the wall).

Anything stuck to the wall is essentially helpless. It could be made useful by saying attaching an electric circuit to it with a lever to cause it to turn on and off. Turn it on when enemies are nearby and Turn it on when you want to free your poor dark dwarves.

Black, shiny. Perfectly harmless looking, unless you are using iron-based weapons and armor.

Highlight: Render anyone or anything wearing iron/steel equipment to be rendered helpless if they get too close to it.
Acquired By: Player
Cost: 4 Magnetite
Friendly Fire?: Yes (but deals no damage)
Range: Anything within 4 squares using iron/steel equipment.
Number of Targets: Up to a maximum of 3 units per wall section.
Place: Place on a wall. Sort of like a decoration.
Suggested was Managnetite, so magnetite with powers given accidentally by after war effects and that works as a source of power like electricity. It would be nice to see magnetite and managnetite together, that could sometimes fool the greedy one and be useful too.

Added to Ideas & Game Features list.
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You do realize that most electricity that is generated is by spinning a magnet inside a loop of wire, right? All of the major power generation methods in the world utilize this method, whether its a hydroelectric dam, a wind-powered mill, or a nuclear fission reactor; all of these produce electricity by spinning very large magnets inside many loops of wire to generate electricity.

Still, I like the idea of a Golem Power Core. Makes a bit more sense than the Dragon Age version of Golems (Basically, they sacrificed dwarves and sent their souls into the Golem and that is what gave the Golem life)

Also, magnetite is simply extremely dense iron. Kind of how a diamond is extremely dense carbon.
That's right, however there is a method that is slightly kicked out by rich companies where You don't need magnets to spin, but they're spinning creating some kind of magnet vortex that spins something between magnets and change that mechanical energy to electricity. Anyway Managnetite has been enchanted by ancient war with strange for creatures living in underworld power that rise magnet force and give it unique fanstasy power to power up Golems and some divices if would exist.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Well technically, the magnet itself isn't needed to produce electricity; all you need is a way to force the free electrons to flow in a certain direction. The magnetic field produced by the magnet, that is spun with mechanical energy, is what forces the free electrons to flow, which is what electricity is (a flow of electrons). It could be done by a magnetic field, or it could probably be done with any field that is negatively charged to repel the negatively charged electrons away from the field. Though, good luck with finding a negatively charged field that actually causes you to produce more electricty than is consumed by the field itself. Irregardless, good idea with a energized core.
I like the idea, but it may be a little confusing while in gameplay. Most of the creatures will probably wear some kind of metal, so it will be hard to make a direct line on what creature will get stuck or not. I feel like this idea could really unbalance the gameplay because this would also mean that no creature wearing metal will be able to destroy the wall either. What if the player only have Dark Dwarfs / Orcs, they would be stuck or their weapon would be stuck. And if the imps tries to dig them out their pickaxe would be stuck and so on..
Having it work on only larger metal objects like an iron golem is one idea, but then the wall would only affect that creature and I would like a more general trap.
The purpose though is to make it so that a spellcaster creature can kill them off with ease though. Yes your units and enemy units would get stuck, but a spellcaster with no metal items on them would, unaffected. That is the general intent behind the wall. As for the imps, they could be using really hard stone pickaxes.

Alternatively, you could make the wall have a certain strength of pulling and sticking dependent on closeness to the wall. If you are far enough away, it will cause targets to move slower and miss more often due to the interaction with the magnetic force caused by the wall. If you get too close, then you get stuck to the wall. Having a toggleable effect (say the wall only activates when a pressure plate is stepped on) would help to reduce friendly fire. However, the more metal you have on you, the more the wall pulls. If you are an Iron Golem, you are going to get stuck no matter where you are. If you are an Imp that only has a metal pickaxe, it may slow you down a little, but won't get you stuck unless you get too close to it.

I'll think of it some more and edit my original with changes to the idea (or recreate the suggestion to avoid confusion)
Yeah, I think the main problem here is that we need to be clear on what creatures will be affected by the trap.
For example, if we had a trap door, the player would know directly what creatures will get stuck in it depending on if they can fly or not.
In your case where it all depends on if they wear something of metal and not will make it to general, this trap would also affect the whole game, I wouldn't be able to give certain creatures certain weapons or armours because of just this.
Well technically, you could have it only affect certain enemies. Namely any enemy that requires Iron to build them. Since Orcs only need Booze and Gold, they'd be unaffected. Same for Imps. But an Iron Golem is affected because it has Iron as one of its resources.
Rasmus and palandus, about managnetite I thought the same - let it attracts metal parts to it, but only if creature wear weapons and armors etc. made in blacksmith, so because in blacksmith equipment ready to wear is always showing up as an item, it's possible to drop it or destroy, what's more any armor/weapon is showing on the creature when wearing by it. Trap presented by palandus seems to have mainspring, but don't know if it would be overpowered if could attract every metal parts in trap range. So managnetite if creature has metal wearing is drastically slowed down, but nothing attracts to it, maybe that could bring replacement for attracting, just slowing down creatures that wear forged items?
Also when coming to idea about managnetite, (that is stronger than common magnetite btw, so there is no need to have magnetite separately) I thought that any creature that comes with weapon from dark mother wearing on it, that weapon could be attracted, changed for another, dropped and picked up again only if it's owner is still alive and only by weapon owner too, that would be more natural then. What's more switched weapon could be stored in Blacksmith Armory Room Item if You want to give that weapon to other creature, why not?
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Hmm, one thing that could work is making a sort of unarm trap out of this.. So if creatures with weapon or armour walk pass the wall or floor where the trap is the creature will drop his weapon and won't be able to pick it up because of the magnetic field. So, to not make it to overpowered the magnetic field would work for say 30 seconds, and then turn of for 30 seconds and so on.. How does that sound? The thing is that I'm not that fond on having the creatures stuck on a wall.. I would prefer using the trapdoor for this.
Constructions will be destroyable right? The magnetic field could drawn in the whole metal equipments if the enemy is near (range of 2 tile's from trap position - so it could be hidden by one tile of barricade for defense), then unless be destroyed (which it would be easy to destroy that) it won't be possible to pick up attracted to the trap metal equipments.

The cost of this trap should be high and costs rare resources, like the manamagnetite that is rare resource - OR - make it relatively cheap, with the same properties, but this device could attract finite number of metal equipment, than when reaching Max "capacity" it wouldn't work, IMO 30 or even 10 seconds would be too short according to the effort we've put on making that.

Rasmus idea has sense for me too, but because managnetite is like a Magnetic Motor (see Howard Johnson MM invention) works for a very long time - metal parts could interrupt it's work until generator won't be started again - MM needs someone to move it/turn on - so the next step on pressure pad. Smile
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I like this idea.

Especially the idea of having a modified version of magnetite, which is basically magnetized iron and oxygen, into manamagnetite to build the magnet trap, and have it attract metal weapons to it, with a pressure pad to turn it on/off, could work as a trap to disarm your enemies of metal weapons, unless someone brings lesser copper or bronze weapons that aren't affected by magnetism.

I'd say anyone wearing metal armor gets temporarily stuck to the magnetic wall, but will, after a delay, free themselves by removing the stuck armor, which remains stuck to the magnet trap for as long as it's turned on.

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