Dwelvers Journal 2013.12.05 - Goodbye Dark Dwarf, welcome Orc!
Hi all, time for the next newsletter. The game was supposed to be released by now, but there was some delay because we are still waiting for the gameplay music from Omri, our new music composer, here is his website if you want to hear his previous work http://omrilahav.com/

But as soon as I get the music I will start preparing the bug test release for those of you that are pre-orderers.

Meanwhile, we have set up a plan, the goal is to have the game ready for steam early access in the beginning of February. As I see it, the game has a lot of hours of gameplay to offer the player atm, and personally I feel that it is a fun game to play (even if I'm a little bias Wink), so after this release I will take it easy on adding new game mechanics, we will start with prioritising according to this list:

  1. A way to lose the game
  2. A message system
  3. Tutorials
  4. Extra minions
  5. Torture chamber
  6. Campaigns
  7. Overworld

So the goal is to have these game mechanics in the game within a month, and after that I will spend the remaining time on polishing and balancing the game so that no nasty surprises occurs when the Steam people takes a look at it.

So after this release I would like all the help I can get when it comes to making the game as intuitive and easy to play as possible. And in January I think we can start stress-testing the game.

I will get back to you all about this when the time is ready. And this doesn't mean that I will not implement all the great suggestions you have had, it just means that it is time to get the game balanced and playable. After that I will start looking into the suggestions. If you guys feel like I have been putting things on hold and ignoring your suggestions, I want to you all to know that I am the only programmer and I do a lot of the work myself. If it goes well with Steam I will definitely start looking into hiring some extra help, but for now I have to focus on the important stuff, I hope you all understand Smile

Once again Waterfalls

While I was playing and exploring my dungeon yesterday I came across this beautiful scenery that I just had to show you guys Smile The waterfalls and the bridges really makes it feel almost magical Smile


The training room

I don't think I've shown you the training room yet. I got this idea from Ben, I was thinking about making a training room that is a little bit different than the ordinary, so what we did was to take a pig, and pole him to a stick and use him as a punching bag. It may sound cruel, but hey, this game should be all about evil Dodgy



The Dwarf was way to noble for our dungeon. So Ben and I sat down the other day and started modelling a new guy to replace him, and this bluish fellow is what we came up with Smile To save us some time and avoid redoing the 25+ animations the Dwarf has atm we used the same skeleton as the Dwarf. So the Orc have now taken over the Dark Dwarfs skin, but kept all his animations and beerlust.


Explore and you shall be rewarded

The dungeon is filled with these small pockets that are somewhat inaccessible unless you are really persistent, but remember, the deeper down the dungeon you explore the bigger is the chance to find treasure chests and gold ore to dig out.


Brave men will also be rewarded

Maybe not the most friendly place to visit, surrounded by waterfalls and high cliffs is an impanzee lair. Maybe a place I would think twice about visiting if it wasn't for that treasure-chest that are laying there waiting for me.


The Maze

Somewhere in the dungeon you will find this huge maze. Its size may make you think that it is easy to find, but there is where you are wrong. It will require a lot of exploring, and even if you find it you should make sure that you have an army of trained orcs to back up your decision about entering it. This maze is filled with one eyed miniatures called cyclotaurs that can take on the Orcs without a problem, and even if you manage to kill them of, you should be aware of that the maze is filled with traps that can take out your entire army if not being careful.


Out with the old, in with the new

The truth is I have been really annoyed about how the old menu system looked, but I haven't had the time to change it until now. So as you can see here you can get much more information about the creatures that you want to produce. Not only does it shows the creature stats and the cost, it also shows how much of the specific items you have stored in the storage rooms, so that you can make well grounded decisions when creating the creatures. As you can see there is also an "Lore" button available, if this is pressed an extra menu will open and you will have the chance to read the stories about the creatures that Ameena has written.


Items menu

Well, I did have a items menu as well to show of. Here you can see the different items, a short description about them all, a graph that shows how the productivity have been for the last hour, and the possibility to stop all the manufacturing of specific items.


So that's all for now Smile I hope you all enjoyed the update and very I will have the next version released and ready for some hardcore testing Smile
Within a month? Only Rasmus "Rocket Keyboard" Ljunggren can do that! Big Grin
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Haha, well, some of the game mechanics aren't that big, and I did make a numbered list depending on priority, so we will see how much I'm able to work of.. The Overworld may be a long-shot within a months time. But the rest aren't impossible I think Smile
That waterfall screenshot is awesome. Kinda sad to see the Dwarves go considering Dwelvers are known to be a group of Dwarves whose greed over time corrupted them in the deep mines they inhabited. Hopefully we'll get 0.6 before Christmas?
Who knows, maybe the Dwarfs will come back as an easteregg somewhere Wink Yeah, the 0.6 version will definitely be out before Christmas.. It is ready to be released now.. Just waiting for the music..
Oh boy! I'm gonna lose so much sleep once it is released.
It looks beautiful! I can't wait to hear how the music will add to the atmosphere!
The new menu is a big improvement.
Great update!
Man, I go away for a couple of months, come back and find Dwelvers looking better then ever! It's a million times better then the awesomeness I saw in it back in the summer. Great work Rasmus and team!
Ah ha! So you are still alive!

Welcome back.
Thanks SU Smile The new version will be released shortly Wink
Great, looking forward to it, especially now that I actually have some time to have a life again...
Wow can't wait till this version, no studying for me this week
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It will very very soon be released.. The music is almost finished Smile
It would be awesome if it came through by Saturday. It's gonna rainy all weekend here, so I'm sitting around playing video games all weekend anyways.
I know, that waiting for a 0.6 cleaves our brains, and also, everytime someone asks for the new release date, a small koala bear dies... so please be patient and save the koalas.com, 0.6 will come so soon You can't even imagine that. Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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