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After reading the newsletter and reading that you will want us to start suggesting ways of making it 'easier' for the newcomer. One of such ways I think would be able to press a button ingame that brings up a Tech tree. This Tech Tree would:

1) Show you which buildings require which resources to build (ie a Door costs 1 Wood)

2) Show you which buildings produce a resource (ie a Smelter produces Iron Ingots)

3) Show you which buildings require which resources to produce its own resources (ie a Brewery requires Water Buckets + Wheat)

4) Show you which rooms allows you to build which buildings. (ie Storage Rooms allow you to build storage facilities for resources)

5) Show you what the basic function of each building is for. (ie The Bar table + chairs is required to serve orcs and imps ale and fish to manage their hunger and alcohol levels.)

This would make it easier for all players to know what buildings they will need to prioritize building first in order to build up their economy of resources to produce other resources, and allow a newcomer to get familiar with what does what, very quickly. Should reduce the learning curve a fair bit if implemented quite well.

NOTE: If research mechanics were implemented, you could add a TAB to this tech tree to show off which research options unlock which research items (ie prerequistes and what each research item does)

Up to you as to how you wish to build it.

Highlight: To put everything about the buildings and their functions in one spot for any player to quickly see.
Function: Reduces overall learning curve of any player. Should be able to tell you that farming for Wheat (or roots now) requires Buckets of Water to work properly, or that a brewery also needs Buckets of Water and Roots to produce Ale.
Added to Ideas & Game Features list! Smile
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This is a good idea and would make it a lot easier for the player to keep track of things Smile

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