My New Idea Creature & Room Ideas - Necromancer, Risen, Spectre & Dark Altar
• Necromancer, Risen, Spectre & Dark Altar •

This is a bunch of suggestable Undead creatures. I know that the whole "Undead Subtype" may not be implemented, but I thought I'd give some actual fleshed out examples of some Undead, with some abilities.

Undead immunities are as follows:
-> Fearless, Cannot Starve, Cannot be Converted/Captured, Cannot Drown

Undead weaknesses are as follows:
-> Fire Attacks deals double damage, Holy Attacks deals triple damage (ie A reighteous human paladin deals holy damage; just a thought)


The necromancer is an undead creature that creates different types of Undead creatures in different ways. Several of the suggested monsters will be created by the necromancer. These will be identified by a (N) next to the name.

The necromancer is a support caster. He does have an attack but it is fairly slow and weak, but, he can be a real nuisance to player or enemy in different ways. I'll explain that in the abilities section.

Consider a gaunt humaniod wearing long sleeved black robes, with a skull motif on the front of the robes. He carries a large scythe. (Think Death but with flesh and skin)

Highlight: Create different undead and in general be a pain in the backside to both sides.
Acquired By: Player/Neutral
Cost: 2 Iron, 2 Coal, 2 Gold (placeholder costs)
Attack Form: Melee
Weapon: Scythe
Attack Power: Moderate
Defense: None
Health Points: Above Low
Attack Speed: Very Low
Movement Speed: Low
Immunities/Weaknesses: Undead
Job: Creates Undead minions

Active Abilities:
(A1) Create Risen - Creates a Risen from any single dead corpse within 4 squares. This prevents that corpse from being resurrected back to life. Cooldown 4 seconds.
(A2) Create Spectre - Sacrifices a captured enemy unit at a Dark Altar and creates a spectre from its soul. Must be at a Dark Altar to perform. Cooldown 8 seconds
(A3) Death Knell - Instantly kills any single opponent within 2 squares that is below 20% HP. This then allows the Necromancer to create a Risen from its corpse. Cooldown 12 seconds
(A4) Induce Dispair - Causes a single target within 4 squares to flee in terror for 3 seconds. Cooldown 12 seconds


Risen (N)

A risen is simply the bare skeleton of a creature turned into a simple undead minion. A Risen has few hitpoints and low damage, but the process of creating a Risen prevents enemies from resurrecting their fallen ally back to life. A Risen can be created from any corpse, but a Necromancer will prioritize enemy corpses over allied corpses. If there is no enemy corpses nearby, the Necromancer will turn your own corpses into Risen.

You don't need to make Risen look too fancy. A simple skeleton of a human should suffice. If you want to make it complicated, you could make the Risen look like the former creature (ie an Orc Risen will have an Orc skeleton, but a Cyclotaur skeleton will look like a Cyclotaur skeleton).

This Risen should look like bloody bones, but shouldn't have much in the way of flesh or skin on it. Make it look like it was exhumed from a body, and that the flesh simply melted off.

Highlight: Prevent enemy resurrection, make use of dead bodies and provide an easy source for weak minions.
Acquired By: Player/Neutral
Cost: A dead corpse.
Attack Form: Melee
Weapon: Boney claws
Attack Power: Low
Defense: Low
Health Points: Low
Attack Speed: High
Movement Speed: Moderate
Immunities and Weaknesses: Undead
Job: Prevent monster resurrection


Spectre (N)

The spectre is created by sacrificing an enemy hostage at a Dark Altar. The spectre is an incorpreal being which gives it great advantages over a Risen. The only negative to a Spectre is it dissapates over time into nothingness, so its advisable to use it effectively while you have it.

The spectre's maximum lifetime is 30 seconds after which it is destroyed. It can restore 1 second for every kill it causes.

As an incorpreal creature, it is immune to any nonmagical attack. Any magical attack deals damage. Holy damage deals triple, but Fire only deals regular damage. It can also pass through walls, objects, furniture and solid ground.

It should look like a transparent creature that is black in color, with glowing red eyes. It doesn't have a lower body, only two arms that appear to end in transparent claws. It has a mouth that opens and closes but does not speak or make any noise.

Highlight: Powerful unit that has limited lifespan.
Acquired By: Player/Neutral
Cost: Sacrifice on Dark Altar
Attack Form: Melee
Weapon: Touch of Death
Armor: Incorpreal; Nonmagical weapons and attacks pass through it harmlessly.
Attack Power: High
Defense: Invulnerable to Nonmagical Attacks/Weapons; Magic deals normal damage.
Health Points: Low
Attack Speed: High
Movement Speed: High
Immunities and Weaknesses: Undead and Incorpreal
Job: Kill as many things as possible while it exists.

Passive Abilities:

Active Abilities:
(A1) Touch of Death - This attack drains a target's lifeforce away and deals 33% total damage to a target. A successful kill with this ability gives the spectre an additional second of life.

Dark Altar

This is an unholy symbol dedicated to Evil deities. It is used by Necromancers to create spectres and it is used by Dark Priests for prayer. Dark Altars can be built by the player OR found in the environment being used by a hostile necromancer. Be wary of allowing your soldiers to be captured by the necromancer and have them sacrificed on the altar.

Consider a pitch black rectangular object with a flat top. Have demonic motifs and symbols around it. Have an offering plate made of gold on the top.

Highlight: Allow necromancers to create Specters and Dark Priests to pray.
Acquired By: Player/Neutral.
Cost: 4 Coal, 4 Stone
Place: A claimed tile
Hmm, it seems it is another idea where a Construction seems to be a Room, so is it a Room like Storage Room or Bar ot it is something that is connected with pipes to a platform as Dynamite or Cannon, ot it is something else?
Anyway I've add these ideas to Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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