Hi Xiemas here!

Ooh I love this game! I just started to play it (30mins ago) and I can't stop playing it. It's so fun.
I'm Xiemas (IGN), 17years old. I love to play games like these. I'm from Belgium Smile Are there some other dutch people? I'm studying computer science so thats like: Html, ASP.Net, CSS, Java, C#, Javascript and Jquery.
This game is great! It's in alpha and it really big already can't wait till next version. I'm sure of bying the pre-order but my pay-pal is empty atm.

I kinda like multiplayer games. Because of the lovely community online when you are playing. I know this isn't a multiplayer game and it isn't a game to make a multiplayer from or it doesn't exist but if you can make a multiplayer of this I'd love that. But after all it's a great game!


ps: It's a Introduction/"Suggestion" so think this is the best place.
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Welcome to the group man! Does Belgian heritage count? Yeah this game is pretty addictive, and the next version is really going to be a time killer for sure. Heck, just the difference between playing pre 0.5 versions was a leap, and this one is going to be big. Glad to have ya, and don't be affriad to add suggestions or report bugs you find, just be sure to wait until 0.6 gets released beforehand.

As soon as you can, I would go ahead and preorder if you want to be able to participate in the development at the forefront of any upcoming releases. Pre-orders will be getting priority access to new releases if I remember correctly.
Hi again Xiemas, and thanks for your twitter post Wink
I'm really glad you are enjoying the game, and I will make it multi-player, but it is not in the near future unfortunately..
Yea I know it's in alpha so :p and I've read the news so I know what is coming.
I know I want to participate in the development so probably going to by it before the end of this week!
Yea why wouldn't heritage count Big Grin
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Welcome to the darrrk side!
Thanks for support too. Dwelvers will rule in Dungeon Management Games realm, You will see! Smile
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Hey Xiemas, I just realized I forgot to say something important, and that's

Welcome to the forum! Cool

I'm sorry it took me this long to say it, that was unforgivable Blush, but better late then never at least. Wink
Haha thnx man great community here
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