Technical Note 2013.12.15 - Website updated!
You are all welcome to check out the new web site design at

I've Ben (BurningPet) to thank for the design, we decided instead of remaking the whole page we worked with what we got and just updated the colours and the images.

Besides from the design update the info section has increased a bit, and I removed the gallery I had in the media section and replaced it with something simpler, may not be as informative as before, but it is cleaner and it works for now..

For those of you that have noticed that the pay-pal button was in Swedish should now know that this have been fixed. I finally found the settings for making it all in English.

Comments? Smile
Nice page! It's easy and orderly.
The info-tab is nicely updated. Great chimpanzee background!
Personally I might put the login button somewhere else or make it smaller. It draws a lot of attention now (which might be the purpose?)
Yea, Info and Media page is updated for many new stuff and some were a little modified. Now website looks more Dwelver-ish. Smile
On Android website looks good and load relatively fast.
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Yeah, I made the login button that big out of the reason that it was barely seen before, and I want people to easily spot it and log in when they are going to download the "only pre-release" versions.. I may make it smaller later, but for now I want it to look easy and simple to login.
Nice I like it,

I was thinking of making a new design for you too because someone who create such a fantastic game deserves something back. I love to make sites like that. In what computer language is the site written or is it just made with a site maker? It looks like it is.

I'm happy to build a site for you guys, but this site is just new and it's great so I don't know if you need another design. But I'm happy to just build one and see how it looks in the end? I can build a admin zone in it so you can post the news if you login, put new pictures in the gallery and such. If you don't want to have me just build it, let me know Big Grin I was planning to start on it this Wednesday.

The pay-pal button is English now but when you click on it it still goes to a Swedish pay-pal page (for me). You can just change the "se" to "en" for English.

There are of course many other things you can put there.
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[Image: kEbemdH.png]
It may be because I'm using Internet explorer, but it actually looks horrendous.

1) A lot of the images are misaligned and look wierd.
2) The font color is TOO light. Unless you highlight something, you can't read any of it. Its like extremely light grey on white background.
3) The forum tab is misaligned and looks wierd.

I'm on my way out, but I'll try viewing it on Google Chrome when I get back and see if that makes it look better.
I think it is exlorer it doesn't support everything
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[Image: kEbemdH.png]
(16-12-2013, 12:14 AM)palandus Wrote: It may be because I'm using Internet explorer, but it actually looks horrendous.

There are some things wrong, but I don't know if I could say 'horrendous'. I think the site redesign has prolly been in the works for a bit, but coding the game is really taking the lead as you have seen all the changes going into effect. I am noting that IE and Chrome seem to have issue with displaying images. Otherwise, I'm likin the new stuff.

(16-12-2013, 12:14 AM)palandus Wrote: 1) A lot of the images are misaligned and look wierd.

The images are a bit choppy on the nav bar, but the 'buynow.png'...AWESOME! Fixing the navbar shouldn't be too hard. I could give it a go if I get time.

The social links images, 'buynow.png', and 'signup.png' look to float right of the banner in both portrait and landscape on my Android.

Can't really agree that there is any problem reading the page although, I think it would look much better if the border around the message board wasn't there.

(16-12-2013, 12:14 AM)palandus Wrote: 3) The forum tab is misaligned and looks wierd.

This is because you are likely using IE 9 or lower.
This is the end result, I've ran it on Crome, Firefox and IE without a problem. If the images is wrong, the browser or the cache probably just need to be refreshed.


I've republished it, so please check it out again Smile
This site's looking much better then the previous ones I saw. It looks clean and is easy to navigate.

IMO it would be best to make a separate News page and move your message board items over onto that though, with the first few lines of the 2 or 3 most recent of your news messages on the home page. To read older messages and full articles visitors could go to your news page (or whatever you want to call it) to read the whole thing, the stuff on the hope page would me meant more as grabbers to get visitors delving deeper into your site for the details. I'd be happy to do something like that for you if you're interested.
Heres what I see:

Edit: How do I post a picture on here anyways?

EDIT2: On google chrome it looks fine, but on IE it doesn't. I took a screenshot but dunno how to post it...?
You have to use photobucket or another service to store the image on a URL. Then you link it here.
Wow, a lot of feedback from You guys.

If You would like to post a bug/issue about website we have special category for that here:
I don't say writting Your posts about website here is wrong, because this topic is only about new website, but it would be easier to categorize all Your reports. Please embeds image/screenshoot anytime when You post reports. Thanks for help anyway! Cool

P.S. If You click Post reply instead of writting in blank window below posts You're able to embed image or video etc. choosing one of the option on the right side of newreply window panel. Unluckily there only is possible to embed links no data from Your computer, but You can use any of picture host like to do it quickly. Smile

The code for embeding image is here:
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Hmm, okey, I don't think it necessary to post the screen-shot. I found a dev mode in IE where I can use previous IE versions to check out the website.. And yeah.. It did not agree with the IE9 or below.. I'm fixing it right away Smile
Okey, fixed.. The website should now support IE9 and lower..

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