Dwelvers Journal 2013.12.19 - Alpha v0.6 is now released
Dwelvers Alpha v0.6 is now released

So here's the deal, this version is only available for the pre-orderers at this moment while we bugtest it. As soon as we have eliminated all the bugs the game will be released to the public and we can start advertising it. But until then I would like you all to keep it low with youtube reviews and all that, it can do the game more harm than good if a obvious bug is being shown on YouTube.

Have a fun time playing it, and don't forget to be critical Wink

Download it here: http://dwelvers.com/
Great news! Thanks for all your work!
Well after playing the game for so long, I'm going to pre-order it and see if I can help out at all!


After immediately launching it, I noticed that the camera angle was a lot different and had to manually tweak the settings to get it back to the 5d POV.

Also, I noticed that the different levels of ground has been implemented... but... How do you dig DOWN? Do you have to find some open space that is already down, to be able to dig into that to get to the place you want dug out? ie A floor tile has Iron and Coal in it, but I'd have to mine the floor tile to get it. The "controls" didn't explain how to dig down. Can you dig down, is a better question?

Also I noticed no more dirt (yah!), and you spawn with 2 Orcs off the bat for minimal defense! (No more dwarves though; hope they return in some form; Dwarves are good at mining and building stuff, or so books say)
This is good news. So far I haven't been able to d/l it though as I don't remember by password for the site and the password recovery system doesn't seem to be working so far...
Press space to alternate between the shovel and the pickaxe, I added a text in the beginning of the game explaining this, it was a last minute call and I hoped it should be enough Smile
SU, I reply to your post here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=479
Oh that would explain much... I skipped the intro Smile
Couple of problems I've noticed:

1) You cannot sell staircases once they've been built.

2) Imps can jump down and jump up from 1 floor to another floor, without needing a staircase.

3) The scrolling text when hovering over an object goes a tad too fast for even me to read it in one pass. Perhaps slow it down by 25% or so (not too much mind you)

4) You have to manually set your POV (point of view) with each new game. It would be nice to have it default to V0.5d's viewpoint, or at least save your POV once you've made adjustments to it.

5) The cost to produce more imps appears to scale with number of imps. Dunno if this is intentional or not.

6) The music is outstandingly good, but gets annoying after a while as its the same track that loops over and over. Some variety (for in the future) would be nice.

7) The Dark Mother's eyes are pitch black. The eyes in V0.5d looked a lot different. Dunno if this is intentional or not. I kind of liked the old Dark Mother's overall textures, but these new textures work.

8) ALT-TABing the game turns the game into windowed mode (starts in fullscreen mode).

9) The dig tool (shovel) works on same level tiles and floor tiles equally. Kind of makes the pickaxe mode, redundant. Unless the dig tool should only work on floor tiles.

10) Dark Orcs can dig tiles as well as fight. Imps can also fight. Don't know if this is intentional or not.

11) The Statue of Orcs is using a placeholder image (X7 X8 X9 X10) in the special constructions menu.

12) You don't need to make "entire" rooms of "rooms". Often times, all you need is a single 1x1 square (ie A single table for storage room). And building the room bigger is often a waste of space as if you need more space, you just build another 1x1 square. Don't know if this is intentional or not (found same issue in 0.5d). Why build a large room for storage if you are only actually ever going to need 4 1x1 squares for storage?

13) Its not exactly obvious so I'll mention it. The only way to bring up the menu ingame is to press F1. So many times I hit ESC or F10 (as these are the common keys to get to the main menu) and remember its supposed to be F1. Possibly some reminder somewhere telling you its F1 to bring up the menu. Just a thought.

Other feedback:

1) Having the initial loading of assets at the start appears to made the game play smoother.

2) I haven't figured out to assign specific tasks to specific imps. How do I do that (if thats been implemented).

I'll post more feedback as I get into the game more.
Palandus, please post bugs in the appropriate place, here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=19.

Make sure you read bugs that the community have already posted in this thread: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=483.

This will help Sebt keep things organized and by reviewing the known bugs, you can keep him from wasting time working on duplicate topics.
I have to agree with Mello, most of the posts are already suggested, and they should have separate topics.

I could answer all your questions but if we are going to have a discussion about them I would prefer it if you created new topics. All those questions about if it is intentional could go into the general discussion forum, but it is often better if you see them as if they were intentional so that you could post it as a suggestion or bug directly.

A heads up Wink
I have been 'thinking' a lot on what has been said, and I don't think I can help you anymore. There seems to be too many hoops I have to jump through to do anything, so I'm not going to even bother. All this is doing is making me pissed off, and I'm tired of it. Its easier this way for all involved.

I'll check back later on updates and such, and just stick to playing the game.
Just to be clear, it was not my intention in any way to not appreciate the work you put down to comment about the game, that is what this is all about, and I do appreciate it a lot that you are helping me out. But we do need to keep it organised, that is why we asked you to post it in threads separately.

At the beginning when the forum had just started I got e-mails sent to me with all the bug reports, and when all the e-mails contained reports of the same bugs, I had to write the same answer over and over again, and those answers often came with replies. So I replied to those emails that there is forum available and that it would be easier for me if they could report the bugs there, this offended some because they put down their energy to report those bugs while I just send them forward disrespectfully.

It makes me really sad that you don't want to be a part of this community anymore, so I really would like you to reconsider that decision.
And yes, we will keep being a pain in the ass regarding where the post goes, but that is just the rules we all need to follow, it is nothing personal against you Smile
We need to have all suggestions or bug reports organized and detailed as much as possible because:
- saves our and forum users time of searching between massive amount of reports. They have to know if something they've noticed wasn't reported earlier by someone else.
- tells us what problems are regarding to what exactly, where we can find them etc. - as more detailed report is as bug/issue would be fixed faster with the highest precision.
- separate topics will only be considered, we won't miss something and if You don't want to see any bugs, report it in separate topic and be sure we know about that.

You really need understand why we want anyone to follow these rules, otherwise Your work would be just wasted.
Only these ways You can help us the most developing the game.
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After having some time to cool down, you do make a lot sense Sebt and Rasmus. I'm sorry for my outburst.

The thing(s) that ticked me off though is that, in this post (http://forum.dwelvers.com/announcements.php?aid=5) it says to follow the link and comment there. And then at that link (which ironically is this thread), it says to not forget being critical. I thought that meant you wanted us to post all of our comments related to V0.6 HERE in this post rather than elsewhere on the forum. Secondly, being that I thought that I was doing what you wanted me to do (posting my thoughts IN this thread), I was annoyed when I got in shit for posting it here, rather than the bug reporting forum (which ideally does make sense to put it there, and not here, but again that is what was written). Finally, what finally did it was the post threatening to trash a thread if it didn't follow guidelines. Yes that makes sense, but when the original post was setup in such a way to say that all comments should be directed to this thread, it made it seem like you guys were changing the rules on how you wanted feedback, while the original post remains the same.
Yea it's a little bit true, but with the saying of follow the link and comment here they mean comment about the release of the game, what you think of it, not what's happening or what the buggs are. I know a lot of people don't like to read (including me) but I guess you can read the header of each forum or it's possible that you saw it clicked it and start writing there is noting to do about it. I guess Rasmus needs to change the thread and say that buggs and suggestions needs to be posted in each a different threads in the suggestion or bugg forum.
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