Dwelvers Journal 2013.12.19 - Alpha v0.6 is now released
Lol! I think you need to fix your 'H' key Xiemas.
Nothing against my spelling of thread !!!

- tread
- threat
- ...
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I'd suggest you try this, Xiemas: Look up Thread in the dictionary, carefully read all definitions for that word, look up any additional words you don't understand in the definition of the word thread, repeat as necessary. then use the word thread in a few sentences and write some examples of its usage, I'll bet you won't have any problems with that word after that.

I've done it myself and it works.
I agree with the Raptor Ninja, but beware he has some grammatical errors as well.
@palandus: I will clarify the "comment here" with "comment here about the release", the reason I had that link at all is because it isn't possible to give comments at all in a "announcement thread".

And please, don't take it personal when we ask you to post in the right place, we need to say this, and every-time we say it we try be as diplomatic as possible because we know that it can be taken in the wrong way.

About banning your post, "The Pit of the Damned" was intended as a joke, a joke that misfired, but even so not to be taken seriously, it will require a lot more before we send your posts in that direction Wink
I understand palandus now. I hope You're not angry at us, we should clarify every our intent, because we give free will for writting here anything that's why palandus wrote about bugs here. He could make it and we should not be angry at him for that. Next time we will be more specified. Thanks for noticing it and I apologize for problem. Smile

For every subject for longer talk we have separate categories, information about them has to be shown every time as first the next alternations.

Anyway, palandus would You like to write about bugs You've noticed and that wasn't reported by anyone yet into separate threads and little more detailed? There are some tools that could help You and Rasmus finding issues in the game like this for crashes: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=88
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Alrity. I can do that. Again, sorry for my outburst... I misinterpreted people's answers, and I'm sorry for that.

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