Feedback/Modification Goods Mechanic - Imps collect water from lakes/rivers as well as wells
• Imps collect water from lakes/rivers as well as wells •

If there's goin to be so much water on the maps then I'd like to see imps who are doing any activities that require water (such as farming or brewing beer) can get their water from lakes or rivers as well as the usual wells.

Highlight: Collecting water by Imps as well as from wells to quicken Your actions.
What is the modification regarding to?: Gathering water mechanisms.
Function: Wells should still be faster way of getting water then using natural water sources, but if you need food/beer badly and don't have the resources to build a well letting imps get water from a nearby lake would be helpful.
Hmm, I will have to wait with this suggestions, because later on the player will not be able to put wells anywhere he likes, I have been thinking about connecting the wells together with the lakes somehow..Maybe have it so that a well will only have a limited water, this would take care of the endless amount of antroots and beer that can be produced.

Maybe the well can stand in its place, but that pipes can be drawn form the lakes to the well?
I think things should stay as they are regarding water until we are ready to release to the public.
Agreed, this is nothing a will throw together over a night, and it would probably need some bug testing as well..
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Added to Ideas & Game Features list.
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