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So I'm not sure in what thread I should post this... I guess since it started here, I'll post it here for nowTongue

After reading a lot about what people want and how I'm getting the impression Rasmus wants players to have control, I created this image which has several things integrated.

Bit of explanation:
It has been discussed that rooms will start acting out as separate rooms, even rooms with the same function, and that a player must be able to regulate resources a bit. I guess each room will get its overview somehow. In the example I put a farmwindow and storagewindow.

So you can accept [V], leave it [ ], or remove [X] items from your storage room.
It's hard to control with numbers (max limit or so), as has been suggested before, since rooms and the amount of space can grow and isn't easy expressed into numbers. Especially with multiple rooms. So thats why there is an automatic dividing option at the bottom. Default is how it is now: just stuff it full.
(Example: 'Evenly divided' in the picture: 6 resources will be evenly divided over the room, so about 16% of each resource will max be put there).
The other one might be based on what is produced most. Haven't quite worked that out yetTongue

To even go further into depth, you could say what rooms, per resource will be admitted. (This is advanced infrastructure. Maybe an dungeon overview should be added then too somewhere) In the example bread is selected and accepted, which can only be received of farmroom 1 and farmroom 3.
Then you have the problem to remove resources. Because it's possible you start changing your dungeon and storages. Thus the [X] which will say: put this resource somewhere else, but not in this storage.

These are just some ideas combined of others and mine. I think this could work... in theoryTongue Coding it is an other problem haha. And of course the concepts and ideas the developers have themselves. Very Important!
Wooow I like that very much !! +1

Don't know if we need to make a other thread for this.
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First of all, Mastergoose, awesome work.

As for setting maximum and minimum values, I realize the capacity of a store can change over time as it can be expanded or shrunk. The max and min values can be scaled to such changes to if you for example set a max value of 50 beer to Store 1, and a min value of 20 beer and later double the size of store 1, the max and min values for the beer in store 1 would be automatically scaled to the new size, in other words, the new max/min values would be 100/40 respectively.

Here's a screensohot from another game that has resource management in it, freecol to illustrate what I mean. In this pic, the maximum capacity of the warehouse in Fort Orange is 100 units, each item has a max and min value. I can build an expansion to the warehouse there which would increase its capacity to 200 units. If I do that all the figures shown in the warehouse window for max and min storage values would be doubled automatically.
[Image: 11508538043_f8c593e983_o.jpg]

So basically the code for recalculating max and min values could work something like this:
beerMax = (1 + oldCapacity/Capacity) * oldBeerMax
The formula for calculating the mins and other goods would be much the same.

So basically scaling the max and min values to keep in a particular store would be easy, just scale these values to any changes in the storage capacity of the room up or down.
Yes I understand what you are saying. That might actually work well! I guess having several "tiers" of control can please most players. Whether you just want to want it default, accept certain items, or regulate it to min/max and rooms.
(btw, the game in your screen looks interesting, definitely look into that)
I'll post a link to it in the appropriate forum then.
(20-12-2013, 02:29 PM)Seriously Unserious Wrote: I recently had a game where I dug into the labyrinth and ended up with all my imps focused on claiming tiles and wouldn't do anything else. I couldn't get them to feed the dark mother the resources needed to make more orcs, build the hydraulics for a trap to fire a cannon at any of the monsters attempting to come swarming out of the labyrinth or anything.

Even when the dark mother was under attack they wouldn't feed her to she could make more orcs to defend her. What few imps I had left were still too busy running around the labyrinth claiming tiles.

I definitely want to see the system discussed in another thread on imp task management implemented. In the meanwhile I'd like to see claiming tiles could at least be put on a lower priority then generating new creatures and building, until your new imp task management system can be implemented.

First paragraph is and observation, second too and is about being unable to do something as the 1st is related to.
3rd is about what would You like to see and related to another suggestion, technically this should be merged with that topic, my fault. Wink
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Quote:2- if a new room is built and there is no available store for it to link with
3- all stores are either blocked or destroyed, how do the rooms handle this?

"Rasmus Wrote:2, 3 - Is not a problem because right now the Dark Mother room actually works as a storage room as well.

It just occurred to me that despite the Dark Mother room functioning as a store, these could still be a problem if the path to the Dark Mother room is blocked. Thus, the issue of all stores being blocked still stands and would need to be handled to prevent bugs that would need to be solved later on anyways, but with much more difficulty as you'd have to figure out what's causing them and go back over your code which is always harder to do then addressing the potential error right from the beginning.
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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The path to the Dark Mother should never be blocked, that is when then broken chain icon appears. Hmm, the bug you are talking about will be solved automatically when I do this update, so will also a lot of other bugs, in other words, this update is a bug fix in itself Smile

So tomorrow I will start working on what we have talked about in this topic, implementing this can take up to a week tops. But I will keep you all updated with the progress, I will probably need to discuss a thing or two with you guys in the progress, because I am not that naive to think that this will go smoothly, it is a big game change, and many aspects to think of Smile

The first thing I will deal with is the menus and being able to link rooms together Smile
This seems to be a question about how the logistics of storage should work.
I like the 'White-list/Blacklist' idea that Mastergoose suggested. The Imps might prioritize keeping the white-listed items stocked and everything else just goes as is, with the exception of blacklisted items.Smile
But the expandable storage makes this a bit unstable, and makes Seriously unserious's idea a really good one. Percentages to define how much of what items is allowed.Smile
Combining the two ideas might actually be awesome, percentiles to set the amounts of storage for specific items, and a blacklist to keep some items out of that specific room.Big Grin
As for the work rooms, instead of connecting to the nearest storage room, if this idea is implemented, they would connect to the nearest room that has the resources that they are requesting at the time of the request.
The attachment is a chart explaining how my idea would work. All in a neat little chart.

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I've thought about flowcharts on how to make this better like what you have there Drakarus, but I think the biggest issue is as it always has been, that Imps have just way too much responsibility. As creatures are added which can help pick up the slack like the Orcs do with digging right now, I'm sure a lot of these issues are going to clear up. It looks like version .7 will have some improvements which will correct some of the broken chain issues.
That is right Mello, as I mentioned earlier in this post the imps will get more specific responsibilities. We have those imps that will only work in rooms, and those that will dig and explore, and I think that is all that is needed. Once we get imps that are confined to a room then the priorities that imp have will decrease from thousands to just a couple. And that is a big relief for the CPU Tongue
I agree. Also, being able to select a group of imps and assign them categories of tasks to consider should help even more in keeping the queues for each imp relatively short so we don't get any lags or odd behavior.
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(28-01-2014, 07:46 PM)Rasmus Wrote: That is right Mello, as I mentioned earlier in this post the imps will get more specific responsibilities. We have those imps that will only work in rooms, and those that will dig and explore, and I think that is all that is needed. Once we get imps that are confined to a room then the priorities that imp have will decrease from thousands to just a couple. And that is a big relief for the CPU Tongue
Speaking about that! Do you have a 3D impmodel which Mello and I can use? We wanted to experiment with hats and clothingTongue
That I have! I will send you a PM in a couple of minutes Smile
So things have started to take shape..

I have got the rooms in order now, every room can now contain information, before it was just something that enabled the player to build specific buildings in the room.

So as seen here when the hand is hovering the room the room is marked out with a glow at the edges.


When the player build a room so that two different rooms connect they become one room as seen here.


This will mean that the information stored in these two rooms will be merged as well. If the player sell a room tile so that the room disconnect into two different room information will be split up.

So what room information?
If the player right click on a room he will display the radial menu, there a new icon has been introduced as seen here.


When clicking this icon the room menu will show up as seen here.


The room needs to be connected to a storage room, therefore I have the button "Link to a storage-room", if this one is pressed the player can choose what storage room to like the room too. The player also have the option to assign workers to the room, and they will work in that room and the storage-room they are assigned to only.

Below these options you will also see a little list of all the buildings built in the farm room, if the player hasn't built any buildings it will display zero. But it is a great way for the player to quickly get info about what the room have and what it can have. This is just a taste of what is about to come in info, later on I will probably introduce stats so that the player can see how occupied the imps are in the room so that the player can decided how many imps are needed in it without having to think to much.

So what is left?
I still have to add the mechanic so that the room can link up with a storage room. Then I will have to make the storage room menu. It will have workers as well. But the main difference is that it will be able to link up with more than one storage room. This is because the main task for the workers in the storage room is too distribute materials between the storage rooms so that they all have enough materials to keep the rooms that are linked to them occupied.

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