My New Idea Construction Idea - Ladders
That is one nice elevator that goes nicely with the rest of the dungeon.. Okay, I will focus on making a elevator like that one, but not discarding the rest of the ideas as we could have several different transportation types.
(21-12-2013, 02:55 AM)Mastergoose Wrote: I love all ideas! Depending on the programming and the engine, several options in tiers would be cool to have!
Is it possible to mark/create a certain area, like an elevator, where the imps can walk straight up against the walls? In animations you would rotate the xyz-field. I'm not sure if the engine allows that..

Or a levitation device. It could instantly move the creature without having special animations. You could even visualize it with something like a magic circle or so. Example:

This is a truely fancy elevator! i love this idea. i also like that "walk on sides" idea, although, might by nicer with mounts (Spider mount for example)
Time to give this thread a gentle awakening, right now I am working on adding ladders. I know this is something I wanted to avoid because of the troubles it may give the pathfinding. But I feel there is no easy way to go around this. Elevators is something that can be treated as upgraded ladders and that will be added later.

So right now if the player build a ladder at the bottom it will automatically stretch as far up as it is possible. Next up I am going to make the creatures climb them Smile

That is an interesting way to go about it, reminds me of what I had in mind for bridges; although that would be something at this moment not work with pathing (the bridges, as that is what you mentioned before). Anyway it is nice to see something also this coming. Smile
Another screenshot...

[Image: 8AB8D767D23F54ED3C6DBBE6E69B0502E7F324DF]
So, it is finally here!

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