Game Digging vertical
Is it possible to dig vertical down, other then finding a hole and expanding it? if so, HOW?! its driving me crazy!
The main problem here is that you can't dig what you can't see. If you have a solution to make this go smoother I'm all ears Smile
not digging what you can't see, if i have a room with coal blocks in the floor, i can dig them out, because i can't dig vertical down. If you somehow could hold ctrl and then being able to dig down anywhere
You can press space to switch to the shovel Smile
mother of god... why didnt i get his -.-
but why isnt this key in the set-keys menu so you can rebind it?
This was something I added a long time ago, but I forgot to add the option in the game, I was going to make it more clear before the release but forgot about it..
I have added the info in the readme file with big letters when installing the new version, and also when creating a new game it is shown with big letters over the screen. Hopefully that I will be enough for now so that I don't have to make a new update just to make it more clear Sad

My mistake, I've been way occupied with everything else and forgot to make it more clear.. Sorry Undecided

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