My New Idea Resource Mechanic - Magical Sunlight aka "Hell light"
Magical Sunlight aka "Hell light"

The imps could have a limited Magical ability I deem “Hell Light” (feel free to find a better name.) this would be created automatically over one farm tile when created.

Or the Dark Mother could spit out a ball of sunlight aka “Hell Light” it flies or floats over to the Farm tiles one ball of “Hell Light” will light all if interconnected.

[In the future the Ability “Hell Light” could be given to one the Magical Servants/Minions that you may create. Like a dark Elf/magician type character.]

You would have One "Artificial Magical Sunlight (Hell Light) Ball" for one set of interconnected farm tiles.

One ball of “Hell Light” for each set of Interconnected Farm tiles.

This way you could grow anything you want like Potatoes, Wheat, etc.

Highlight: A magical sunlight that helps underworld plants to grow.
Function: If you would like to make things more complex:

1. You could have certain things only grow in “Real Surface Sunlight”. Potatoes don’t need a lot of Sunlight, so that would grow in “Hell Light”. But for Example a Melon would need “Real Surface Sunlight” to grow.

2. The “Hell Light” could have a limited reach like four farm tiles from the center adding a Second Ball of “Hell Light” automatically for the farm tiles remaining.

The “Hell Light” itself could look just like any other light (a floating Candle/torch flame or maybe a small sun) but just floating in the suspended in air centered in the middle of the Farm tiles.
Welcome to the forum YoungBroccoli,

So if I understand you correctly, in very basic terms, we would have the hell light instead of sun light hovering the farms so that we are able to grow wheat?
Yes, I was trying give it a magical/supernatural property of course. To have it make sense within the context of the game. Solving the issue of growth without natural light.
Hi, Welcome to the community. :-)

I added your idea to Ideas & Game Features list. Smile
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Ok, but as we have replaced the wheat with the antroots that don't require sunlight this suggestion will probably be pending for a while until such an issue arises again Smile

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