Image Did someone say FISH?!
1200 Fish.
[Image: JCVgBN8.jpg]
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Current record holder of:
Most fish stored at once! (5202x)
[Image: ghqnARY.jpg]:heart:
Fishes everywhere!! I think things in the storage need to stack
Pyramid of Live
[Image: kEbemdH.png]
You know, you can stop the fish production in the items menu Wink

And Tricky, I must say that your fish signature is really amusing, but it requires a lot of loading Smile Maybe make the gif smaller?
Yea, please make Your gif smaller, it slows page loading. Also congrats for those fishes, I think we have real fisherman here! Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy

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