Solved & Confirmed 0.6b - Fence gate against wall
So I build a farm on a low part, the imps can walk on the high part. There was build a fence gate there, I didn't place it. Everytime a imp walks on the place above the fence gate opens, don't mind the chains, there was no way in so they are right!

[Image: ppoYpWC.png]
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[Image: kEbemdH.png]

Solved with all fences Smile

I needed lift the fences to show the player that there is a reason his creatures can't jump up on the block where the fence should have been if I just didn't render it when it was next to the wall.
Ooh looks great rasmus ! Big Grin
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[Image: kEbemdH.png]
I'm already imagining every way possible to use this as decoration rather than what it was created for Big Grin
If rooms just could have roofs. :p
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(25-05-2014, 08:08 PM)Sebt Wrote: If rooms just could have roofs. :p

Oh no, don't give people any ideas now Wink
Well, we're start to talk about tunnels hyhy.
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Couldn't make a fence become built inside the wall where the land had been dug down like you did in v0.6, but these are some strange things that happened while I was testing this in v0.7.

[Image: HDRm.png]

The first one allowed enough room for the fence to be created where the Imps could enter the farm, but the well was disconnected although you see the Imp collecting water.

The second one I had sold the previous farmland and rebuilt it inside the sunken area. All my Imps are trapped.

The third doesn't fit the original scenario, but it shows an Imp gathering water without a gate like the first example shows when the farmland is sunken.
- Hmm, okay, the issue I see with the first scenario is that it is possible to fetch water from the well even if it is on a different level.
- The second one has the issue that no fence gates can be built unless they are on the same level as the farm land.
- The third one has the issue that it says it is disconnected even if it ain't.

I will restore this topic to a unsolved bug.

Now, wells and other objects can be worked at through the fences.
I made is so that the gates can be built as long as the height difference between the block are equal or less than zero.
I also made it so the buildings defining one room all don't have to be in the same height. Atm if two farmrooms are next to eachother but in different heights they will become one room each. Now if the heightdifference is equal or less than zero the will both belong to the same room.
Good stuff! That should make it look nicer too instead of the weird fencing.
Dwelvers Alpha 0.7b has been released with this bug-fix, confirmation needed!
This one looks fixed. I rebuilt my farm in a similar fashion, and I noted that this time, my Imps couldn't get to the well until a fence was made.

[Image: HGEG.png]
Okay, I will put it as solved Smile That the imp don't reach the well is another issue :S

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