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Forum Suggestion -- Adding a Few New Smilies

Description: There are a few emotions that I noticed are not available from the built-in smilies. When I want to represent these I find myself having to link to smily images from an external site to get them.

Remedy: Here are my suggestion of smilies that this board could benefit from having:

LOL: [Image: laughing-smiley-002.gif]

Evil/Twisted: [Image: devil-smiley-029.gif]
This one almost disappeared from me Undecided

I like those smilies, but I think we can do something even more. We could keep it simple and add some extra smilies on top of those we already have, or we could design our own that fit the Dwelvers theme and put them as extras. The last suggestion can be a little dangerous because it is easy to make them look "crappy"..
But if anyone feel up to it and have good painting skills they are more than welcome to help me out.

Otherwise we could maybe keep this topic active for a week and people can post what smilies they would like to see on the forum, and then I can add them Smile
OK, sounds great.

Here's another one: [Image: action-smiley-033.gif]
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
The Golden One!
Yea, smiles associated with Dwelvers would be great. Also animated smiles distracts attention, makes text little messy, so if I would add new I prefer to add static smiles.
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