Impression Really enjoying this - Thanks!
Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this game. I love that the game is more focused on exploration and economy than combat. And the 3D digging is a great addition! Thank you for your hard work!

One question - Is the map procedurally generated as I expand my dungeon, or is there a size limit to the map?
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There's a size limit. Go far enough and you will run into a wall of solid rock that can't be dug out.

Oh and welcome to the forums! Cool
Welcome to the forum!

And thanks a lot, it warms my heart to hear you say that Smile
The map limit for these maps are 102x102 with the max layer height of 10, so there are a lot of area to explore Wink
Welcome to the forum!

And so rasmus the volume is 104040
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That is right Xiemas Smile

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