My New Idea Creature Idea - Goblin

The goblin is a classic villain's foot soldier in fantasy and mythology. They would make the perfect choice as a cheap alternative to the gold-demanding orcs for the resource-starved Dungeon Lord. I also see them as being the evil general purpose troop that can have different strengths and weaknesses, depending on how they're equipped.

Your image(s):

[Image: goblin.jpg]
Pic.1. This is a sample of how I envision a basic goblin looking like, when equipped with a mace and small wooden shield.

Highlight: Cheap, general purpose troop that can be equipped with different weapons and armor to serve different specialized roles.
Acquired By: Player (may also have independent goblins operating out of a lair too.
Cost: iron ore: 3 (or more, depending on game balancing)
Attack Form: Melee or Range.
Weapon: (Short Iron Sword), (Spear), or (Dagger and Bow)
Armor: (Sword: Steel Chain Mail, Mail Coif, Small Round Shield), (Spear: Iron Studded Leather Armor, Iron Helmet, Small Round Wood Shield), (Bow: Leather Armor, Leather Helmet)
Attack Power: Sword: Moderate, Spear: Above Low, Bow: Low Melee, Moderate Ranged.
Defense: Sword: Moderate, Spear, Above Low, Bow, Low.
Health Points: Above Low.
Attack Speed: Below High.
Movement Speed: Below High, (Sword: Moderate).
Resistances: None.
Job: Fighting, Guarding Dungeon.
Entertainment: Drinking Beer, Harassing Imps/Prisoners
Passive Abilities:

Active Abilities:
(P1) Brace - If equipped with a spear can brace the spear to recieve a charging foe, Causes double damage and increased chance to hit on 1st attack on a fast approaching enemy (could possibly be even more effective on large foes such as Cyclotaurs, effect expires after first attack or if forced to engage in melee combat.
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He looks almost undead looking. Or that he haven't gotten any sunlight in the last.. forever.. Tongue

Hmm, if I remember correctly I think I posted a similar creature here somewhere..

Don't seem to find the post atm but I had the image:


I know, this is not a goblin.. But I wanted to include it in the discussion because its purpose were also to be cannonfodder.

This is also an concept art image made by BurningPet that could fall into the same category:

Those definitely have possibilities, and we definitely need a cheap fodder creature that we can churn out in numbers.
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