My New Idea Creature Idea - Worker Imp/Red Imp
User Lyndon suggested this in a different subforum and I love it. I have slightly modified it however.

Sebt, I read through your post on using the templates. I think New Creature fits the best. I'll use it and hope it gets your approval. I also didn't see this in the list of already suggested ideas.

Worker Imp / Red Imp

The Worker Imp does all the behind the scenes work that must happen in a successful dungeon: Cooking, cleaning, smelting, farming and etc. while the others are mining and fighting. They would be semi-autonomous. There would be a separate building for their "home". By clicking on this building you can adjust priorities, or set a number of imps to certain tasks. The workers would have half the HP and attack of green imps. They would be ranged using whatever they have at their workstation as weapons (antroot, bread, beer, hammer, etc.) and not leave their work area as a bunch of imps that run away and use range could be powerful.

It could just be a red imp. Perhaps with a hat associated with it's job.
Highlight: The Red Imp will be an automated worker taking care of the farming, smelting, cooking, and etc. jobs.
Acquired By: Player
Cost: TBD or something very cheap like 1 bread.
Attack Form: Range - they should be very weak and not want to get close.
Weapon: Rocks - or could be dependent on job category.
Armor: None
Attack Power: Below Low
Defense: Below Low
Health Points: Below Low
Attack Speed: Moderate
Movement Speed: Moderate
Resistances: None
Job: Tedious
Entertainment: Sleeping

Passive Abilities:
(P1) Many hands make light work -Multiple workers doing similar task give a bonus to the resource collection. Giving an additional 25%. Every fourth farmer will get an additional antroot.
(P2) Infectious Laziness - Every time a worker imp wants to sleep, a random creature in your dungeon also wants to sleep. Worker imps sleep in their own house. There is no need for additional bed mats.

Active Abilities:
(A1) Epiphany - At the cost of one gold, a worker can have an epiphany. All his work efforts pay off double until he is sleepy again. Epiphanies will cause the Infectious Laziness to hit two creatures and the worker will sleep twice as long.
(A2) Needy - At the cost of one resource of your choosing, the worker will stop his job and gather that resource for one minute.

Ok, the main idea here (as in Lyndon's original post) is to automate the production of food, beer and other items. I tried to flesh out the idea some to fill in the template. I am not sure they need to have abilities, but it could be a good mechanic. They could come from a house, or from the mother; either would work and change some of the game-play (room needed for additional housing or additional beds). I am thinking a house can hold four of them. I also, like the idea of them having hats to easily identify their jobs. These new creatures could be really complex or really simple. Either way, I think it would be a great addition to the game as I have had Orcs die from starvation when I kept everyone busy digging.

Of course, we run into an issue if all of the work is done by Red Imps and not the current workers the Green Imps. Let's say an enemy gets in and kills your workers. If you happen to be out of bread, you will not be able to purchase a worker and all your creatures will die. Either the Red Imps will need to respawn from their houses or through the Dark Mother.
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It's not needed to put "new", everything in Suggestions & Feedback forum is about new things or modifications, the name has to be very clear and simple to avoid writting too much unnecessary texts.

New Creature & New Game Mechanic Modification - something
Creature & Game Mechanic - something

Can you see the difference? Then imagine all the ideas would be listed as this, each of them are new and have that prefix, this will look too messy.

Also the first is the category name, because when we're searching for certain suggestion, scrolling down and up this is much easier to find creatures, where each of the category name is started on "Cre".

I'm following science not what I think to organize things, these solutions are the most efficient I've found, however if you can find better, write about it. I made these all rules to gather the most attention to users suggestions and for easier searching. Wink

Also consider using proper template for game mechanic, because it is not clear where exactly is information about game mechanic. The game mechanic has to have it's name, it's not placed in thread name.

P.S. Added to Ideas & Game Features list. Sorry for delaying adding previous idea, I forgot to click Save.
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@Rikus Khan: your subforum link is broken.

EDIT: I do like this idea... I almost forgot to say it. Blush
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New Creature & New Game Mechanic Modification - something
Creature & Game Mechanic - something
Makes sense. Will do.

Quote:Also consider using proper template for game mechanic, because it is not clear where exactly is information about game mechanic. The game mechanic has to have it's name, it's not placed in thread name.
I wasn't sure if this should be in Creature or Mechanic. I looked at both templates and creature seemed to have more pertinent info, so I went with it. Technically, the idea could go both ways. It could be a purely autonomous part of the game like fish or something you can interact with like imps.

Thanks for the all feedback. It will be reflected in my next idea du jour.
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It is a good suggestion, but I can't assure that it will be implemented as you want it too. We are planning on doing some major changes to the workers priority system, and when that is done we will have to revisit this topic and see what is still implementable so that it don't break the core game mechanics. I will start a new post in a couple of weeks presenting what I had in mind on the priority system, and the suggestions there will have a high impact on the game in the future.

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