My New Idea Construction Idea - Signs

Warning signs that forbids entry beyond the signs point on path with an erea of effect. one Could be made the ward off only imps and another for all creatures or be made based on class/type of creature ect..

stone and wooden signs that when placed, they gives off a smooth colored glow over its erea of effect. they could be made to be humourous or to look like road signs or both
Flilthy Humans

May be bent rickety used up sign look

Highlight: To ward entry past the placed sign for imps or creatures or both
Cost: 1 stone 1 wood
Made In: Stone masson room or blacksmiths
Function: Erea of effect: half circle behind the sign that is limited in width by the first 2 same lvl blocks it encounters to its right and to its left so that the erea of effect does not cross into other rooms but at same time lets it ward off wider that sigle tile tunels.
I like it. I also agree that there needs to be some way of keeping imps from wandering off into some huge cavern infested with hostile creatures, or continuously trapping themselves in some tiny cavern, when you're trying to wall off a room or something.

+1 to you Lotanis! Big Grin
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The Golden One!
It sounds good. But the problem is that this sign will only block one tile for non fighting creature, it is very hard to control the imps not passing it and claiming tiles if the corridor is wider. I would prefer some way to drag a line over the dungeon floor saying that the imps can not pass here. Anyone have any nice visual ideas on this? The sign can still remain, just that it is linked to a bigger area and that the area it is linked to is visible to the player without making it look to ugly.
I think there are this idea and the ideas in here are compatible. Using the idea to mark an area and the sign to influence that that marker does, keep imps inside marked area, keep them outside of it, etc are all things that could be done in tandem to produce more ways to influence the behavior of your minions.
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could an erea of effect be attached to the sign to cover wider openings? the erea covered around the sign could be seen by player as a smoothly glowing light surrounding the sign defining the erea affected or maybe a half circle so that no erea in front of the sign is not affected... to limit so that the erea doesnt spill in adjacent rooms maybe make it so that the width is no more that the first 2 same lvl blocks to its left and right that it encounters...
(02-01-2014, 06:52 AM)Rasmus Wrote: The sign can still remain, just that it is linked to a bigger area and that the area it is linked to is visible to the player without making it look to ugly.

Since stone is now the main storeroom filler, at least from my experience, it would be nice for these to be made of stone. In order to cover an area lager than one tile, the main sign stone could be the largest and display some sort of sign graphic on it. You would place this on the ground area as you would any room, and the larger the area the more stones this would cost. This would be because a border of smaller stones would outline the border of the zone this would effect.
That's a great idea Mellow! +1
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Thanks buddy!
Mello, you mean that the imps would need to use stone to build the "border"? Another issue here is that if enemies have started to enter you dungeon, and you don't want the imps to enter the areas where the enemies are, then we need a quicker solution than having the imps build up the border. It would be like when the imps are trying to build walls to stop the enemies from entering the dungeon. We could let the player build up the borders automatically when he presses on a tile, but as everything else in the dungeon are built up by the imps I would like a different approach to this problem.

My idea is that the player simply will be able to select the tiles he don't want the minions to pass, they will work as a one way street.. Maybe this could be fixed with spells? That the player are able to put up "magical arrows" that shows the direction the creatures are able to pass through. These arrows could work the same for every creature, but the enemies will attack and destroy them to be able to pass by. Something like summoning magical doors, they work like ordinary doors but are very week and the creatures are only able to go through them in one direction.
IMO a better idea would be that friendly creatures would heed the signs but hostile creatures would just ignore them. The signs are meant to warn your own minions of danger, not your enemies. Wink
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Yes that is a great solution! The same concept was used in Roller Coaster Tycoon with the welcome signs. They displayed a message but with a simple button the access would be blocked making it a one-way street.

This alone would block imps from moving to a certain location, while still be able to come back from the opposite side.
For example, if you combine this with the alarm you can have a nice safe dungeon:
1 The alarm triggers
2 all imps move to the Darkmother & all signs will be activated (if this option is included)
3 after reaching her, they continue their work BUT they have passed the signs, thus will not be able to return to the unsafe area.

@Rasmus, the arrow idea is also genius! But since it affects ALL creatures and is destroyable it is IMO more like a trap. What if enemies rotate the arrow themselves in the right direction. Then your dungeon will become a deathtrapTongue
Also, since the arrows are rotatable you can create some funny paths for creatures to follow. Most RPG's use this in dungeons. You usually will move in the arrow direction until you hit an object, then you will stop moving in that direction. But if you hit another arrow (facing in a different direction) it will follow this until the above criteria happened again. Though this might create a infinite loop so a cool-down or counter would be needed.

All of the above seem appealing and funny to me in the gameTongue
(01-01-2014, 10:04 PM)Lotanis Wrote: Info
Warning signs that forbids entry beyond the signs point on path with an erea of effect. one Could be made the ward off only imps and another for all creatures or be made based on class/type of creature ect..

I think going back to the original concept may be helpful here. This had seemed to me to be for a different purpose than that of what we see in this thread Game Mechanic - Imp Retreat / Emergency Alarm. I imagine that this idea of using construction signs to limit creature movement is a preemptive tactic protecting creatures form exploring into potentially unsafe areas before the player is to move forward there. The alarm however, would be something that gets deployed in an oh s**t moment and you needed your Imps to flee to safety with a quickness and leave the area entirely.

While having arrows on the tiles perhaps does make sense, I believe that having the stones to designate a boundary fits more to the environment. Perhaps they could even be painted orange and white as many barricades are in construction. Also the area being covered by this may be much larger than a single or a few tiles wide, so having arrows all over the area may not look all that great. It would be easier to know if there was a graphical representation...
Okay, so I think the best way to do this is to give the player the ability to select the tiles that he want "blocked", a "fear flag" could cause problems because it would work with a radius and that can block paths that is not intended to be blocked.

I agree with you Mello, I mixed up the emergency alarm with this topic. So if we have the imps build a blockade that would cost stone and be sellable it would work nicely, but I would to have it so that the blockade works as a one way street, in this way we won't lock out any imps.

So any ideas on the graphical representation that would work with a feature like this and don't look ugly if it is built all over the place?
I have been thinking about this, and if I have time this evening I'll put together a concept which I can layer over a screenshot of the game so you all can see my interpretation of this.
I would like that very much Smile

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