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Do all storage items store the same amount? I am just questioning the efficiency of my layout.
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Yeah, all items takes the same amount of space.. But if you are asking if the different tables can store different amounts you can check out my webpage:
I just added a section were you can see the exact number of items each table/bench can store Smile
no, they don't, some store more then others
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Awesome Rasmus, I've been wondering about that myself. Smile
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Thought those Cross Tables had the best storage...been using those mostly when excavating the map.
Yup, and I'll definitely be using them more now I know the details.
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If I place a cross table in a corner, will the imps still be able to store the full amount of things on it? Or do the imps need access to all 4 sides of the table to be able to fully utilize it?
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They can reach all corners of it.
Hi everyone, just curios about the 27 units for a wall shelf, and the current storage linking implementations in 7d.

From what I understand so far, if 1 storage is "full" it will stop production down the chain.

So let's say I have "Bread Storage Room" with 1 wall shelf, so it good to have 27 maximum bread.
And let's say I have "Bread Storage Support Room" with many storage room is linked to "Bread Storage Room."

Now if I have a "Bar Room" that will accept Bread from "Bread Storage Room" and have 9 tables.
I am assuming it looks like each table can hold up to 3 breads at a time. So 9x3 = 27.
But then Fish and Beer also goes onto the table.

So, to me it super efficient, I need a "Storage Bar Room Supply" with 3 wall shelves, each for Bread, Fish, and Beer.
Will I be able to set that I need a max of 27 of each item?
Or will my fisher-imps fill up the 3 shelves with fishes before my Brewer can fill it up with beer?
Hi Sanctume, welcome to the forum Smile

You really seem to have figured out how the system works in detail. Which I must add is pretty hard atm Tongue
So yeah, you may have found a issue here.. If the storage room gets filled with bread first it will not accept fishes or beer. Hmm, so with the current system I only see two ways to solve this issue, and that is that you balance the production so that the bread and the beer gets produced in the same rate. The other way is to unload the items that has been over-produced to another storage room.

Not the most elegant solution. But you raise a fair point. I have had other forum members wanting a max and minimum value to the stored items (Seriously Unserious) but I have rejected this idea because I wanted to keep it as basic as possible and that I didn't see a direct use for this system. I thought, "either the player wants to store items there or not, it is as simple as that", but this can be a problem that could haunt the game.

I could suggest that you make one storage room for bread and fish and one for beer which in their turn is connected to a third storage room that is connected to the bar room. This would solve the issue, but having to build three storage rooms for this purpose could be a little extreme.

I will continue discussing a solution in this topic:

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