Hello! I'm Beowuuf!

I know Rasmus from another forum, and have watched Dwelvers from the sidelines. Thought I'd come across, say hello, show support, and even wade in with some comments once the weekend hits and I can check out the new demo properly Smile

Nice place here! The imps have done well!
Hi Beo,

Glad you dropped by Smile I can't wait hearing your comments about Dwelvers, and as you may know, I want a lot of constructive criticism Tongue
Hi hi Beo Big Grin

Welcome to our humble forums ^_^ I also look forward to hearing your, and everyone's, comments! Big Grin
Hi Beo, nice to see a familiar name here.
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
The Golden One!
Thanks all!

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