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maybe a stupid question, but if i become a "backer" will i get the released game for free? or do i have to become a pre-orderer additionally?

Hi Enemene, welcome to the forum Smile

There are no stupid questions Wink
If you become a backer you will get the current alpha demo, and any future version of Dwelvers that we release.
If you become a pre-orderer you will only get the game when it leaves its alpha/beta state, which may take some time.

The reason I have these two payment methods is because of my previous Indiegogo campaign. There I had a couple of perks, and the pre-orderer and the backer was the two first too choose from. And because a lot of fans have already invested money in the Dwelvers I need to stick too these perks and what it cost to get them.
But right now the demo is available for download without backer status Smile
thx for your reply. it decided to become a backer, but the option istn available anymore... but i like to spend you my money :-D
Haha, yeah if you would like to support the development of the game you can become a pre-orderer, that option should still be available Smile

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